Tennis Anyone?

Although Tennis in the United States tends to take a backseat to Football and Baseball, it is one of the most popular sports worldwide. There are four major Tournaments held throughout the year known as “Grandslams”. Any tennis fanatics dream is to attend these prestigious tournaments.

If you’re planning on making an appearance at one of the 2013 Grandslam Tournaments, then our charters can take you straight to Center Court. Whether you are traveling to Melbourne Australia, Roland Garros France, London England, Or New York, we can arrange a charter that suits your needs. Whether your playing in the tournament, a coach, trainer, or just an avid fan of the game, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the Grandslams, their dates, and last years winner.

Australian Open:
January 14th – January 27th 2013
Melbourne Australia
2012 Mens Champion: Novak Djokovic
2012 Womens Champion: Victoria Azarenka

French Open:
May 26th 2013 through June 9th 2013
Roland Garros, France
2012 Mens Champion: Rafael Nadal
2012 Womens Champion: Maria Sharapova

2012 Mens Champion: Roger Federer
2012 Womens Champion: Serena Williams
June 24th 2013 – July 7th 2013
London, England

U.S. Open
2012 Mens Champion: Andy Murray
2012 Womens Champion: Serena Williams
August 26th 2013 – September 8th 2013
Flushing Meadows Queens

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