Four Top Charter Destinations

jet charter las vegas Las Vegas
You know what they say about Vegas, it’s always better to charter a private jet to get there. Enjoy all the breathtaking hotels, casinos, and restaurants Vegas has to offer without the hassle of a long commute and security checkpoints. You could even get some practice before arriving at the casinos by playing on some of the top online casinos during your flight like those listed on sites like this – They’re ideal for playing on the go, at home, or wherever you please in order to get the enjoyment of the casino from your personal device. These casinos often experience stellar popularity which makes them the envy of businesses in other industries. Most of them will probably be wondering the same thing – how can casino marketing help your business? Whether you’re planning a getaway with that special someone, bachelor party, birthday, or just a trip with friends, Luxury Aircraft Solutions ensures that you travel in style.

2014 World Cup
Brazil will be host to the 2014 World Cup. Explore the culture of one of Brazils most historic cities while the world’s most talented soccer player’s showcase skills. Avoid lines and get escorted right through customs as your own private jet whisks you away.

2014 Olympics
It is estimated that over One Million people attended the 2012 games in London. This undoubtedly put a tremendous amount of demand on commercial flights in and out of the country. With the same kind of results expected at the 2014 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a private plane is a smart option that will make the traveling portion of your trip as unforgettable as your time at the games.

Paradise Island, Bahamas
One of the most popular vacation getaways is Paradise Island, Bahamas. The Royal Towers Hotel contains a casino, golf course, Water Park and more. Paradise Island is the ultimate relaxation destination. Start the relaxation early by chartering your own plane. Sit back and enjoy, Luxury Aircraft Solutions will do the rest.

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