Top 5 vacation destinations in Mexico


Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is the Mexican destination of choice for scuba divers and snorkelers. Known for its beaches and water activities, this vibrant city also offers amazing golf and the opportunity to get up close and personal with wildlife at The Jungle Place sanctuary.

Palm tree and boat on tropical beach


If you only know Cancun as a spring break party destination, it is time for you to get reacquainted with this beachfront jewel. Cancun has more than its share of luxurious resorts as well, with numerous oceanfront escapes offering incredible amenities and all-inclusive comfort combined with white sand beaches and stunning views.


Los Cabos

Made up of San Jose and San Lucas, Los Cabos is a popular destination on the Baja Peninsula. A top choice among fishermen and beachgoers, Los Cabos also provides an exciting nightlife and possibly a celebrity sighting or two. The white sand beaches are perfect for relaxing with a tasty beverage or heading out on the water for sailing, kayaking, or jetskiing.

Beautiful beach on tropical Pacific coast of Mexico

Puerto Vallarta

A beachfront destination on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a recently discovered gem in Mexico. With a historic district lined with cobblestone streets and breathtaking ocean views, Puerto Vallarta couldn’t remain undiscovered for long. Enjoy the work of local artists and craftsmen as you stroll down the boardwalk or relax on the beach with a beverage in hand.

La Parroquia (Church of St. Michael the Archangel) and the Temple of the Nuns in the historic Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende.

San Miguel de Allende

If you are looking for a vacation to Mexico that is completely outside the ordinary, San Miguel de Allende offers something more than your typical beach destination. Feel as though you are stepping back in time as you stroll down this town’s cobblestone streets and take in a skyline accented by ancient church steeples. Surrounded by soaring hills and filled with historic structures, San Miguel de Allende demonstrates a unique blend of Hispanic and Mesoamerican cultures that have been mingling there since the 16th century. A must-see destination for history enthusiasts, the rich culture and amazing views will fill your days with satisfying exploration.

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