Cargo Charter For Urgent/Regular Flight Loads

It would be best to quickly move important and urgent freight to your destination, whether medical equipment to save lives or large machinery for your company’s oil rig. We at Luxury Aircraft Solutions have access to cargo aircraft in all categories for any volume/weight of cargo you need to transport. Based on your specifications, we source the best aircraft to suit the payload and dimensions of your cargo and get it there on time.

Download our aircraft specifications chart (Adobe PDF).

Utilizing a Complete Air Cargo Charter Package

In addition, all our air cargo flights are arranged with the utmost attention to security and safety. They can be supplemented with additional land arrangements, including pickup and destination delivery services, from packaging, pickup, loading, customs declaration, customs clearances, and off-loading at the destination. Using Luxury Aircraft Solutions for urgent freight transportation has several key advantages. Here are some benefits of using a cargo charter.

Speed and Efficiency

When time is of the essence, a cargo charter provides the fastest and most efficient means of transporting your essential and urgent freight. By bypassing scheduled commercial flights and utilizing dedicated cargo aircraft, you can significantly reduce transit times and ensure timely delivery to your destination. With larger loads, we locate the best aircraft based on the dimensions and payload of the cargo you want transported. Time-sensitive, critical charters are commonplace within the manufacturing, oil, and gas industries. We can supply turboprop aircraft and fast, light jets for small loads.

Flexibility and Customization

Cargo charters offer high flexibility and customization to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need to transport small loads or heavy bulk pieces, our team can source the most suitable aircraft based on your cargo’s dimensions and weight. This tailored approach ensures that your cargo is transported as efficiently and securely as possible.

Priority Handling

With a cargo charter, your freight receives top priority throughout transportation. From packaging and pickup to customs declaration and offloading at the destination, our dedicated team ensures that your cargo receives the utmost attention and care. This priority handling minimizes the risk of delays or damages with other shipping methods.

Enhanced Security

At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we prioritize the security and safety of your cargo. All our air cargo flights are arranged with strict adherence to security protocols, ensuring the protection of your valuable goods. Our experienced staff is well-versed in handling dangerous goods and complying with industry regulations, providing peace of mind throughout transportation.

Seamless Door-to-Door Service

We offer additional land arrangements to simplify logistics, including pickup and destination delivery services. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless door-to-door transportation experience, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple service providers or handle complex logistics.

Cargo Charter Items

Some cargo charter items we can handle very quickly or immediately are AOG—aircraft on the ground and oil and gas equipment.

  1. General Cargo – This category includes everyday goods that require air transportation.
  2. Urgent Shipments – Private jets are often used for time-sensitive cargo.
    • Medical Supplies: Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and supplies.
    • High-Value Items: Precious metals, jewelry, and valuable artwork.
    • Perishable Goods: Fresh produce, flowers, and seafood.
  3. Specialized Cargo – Private flights are ideal for transporting delicate or sensitive cargo.
    • Animals: Live animals that cannot be carried in a cargo hold.
    • Precision Scientific Equipment: Fragile instruments requiring special handling. Aerospace equipment.
    • High-Value Electronics: Sensitive electronics, prototypes, or research equipment.
    • Automotive: Car engines, transmissions, tires, etc.

Types of Cargo Planes

Most cargo aircraft are designed exclusively for freight transport. They usually lack passenger seating to maximize payload capacity, although some planes have minimal seating.

  1. Boeing 747-8 Freighter:
    • The Boeing 747-8 Freighter is a large cargo airliner with impressive capabilities.
    • Key Features:
      • Longest Air Freighter: It holds the title of being the longest air freighter in the world.
      • Payload Capacity: With an impressive 137-ton payload capacity, it can carry substantial cargo.
      • Improved Range: It covers more than 4,000 nautical miles without refueling.
    • Specifications:
      • MTOW: 987,000 lb (447.7 t)
      • Max Payload: 292,400 lb (132.6 t)
      • Cruise Speed: Mach 0.85 (488 knots; 903 km/h)
      • Range: 4,120 nautical miles (7,630 km)
      • Engines: 4x GEnx-2B67, each with a thrust of 66,500 lbf (296 kN)
      • Cargo Volume: 30,288 cubic feet (858 m³)
      • Cabin Width: 20 feet (6.1 m)
      • Length: 250 feet 2 inches (76.3 m)
      • Height: 63 feet 6 inches (19.4 m)
      • Wingspan: 224 feet 7 inches (68.4 m).
  2. Antonov An-124:
  3. Airbus A300-A600F:
  4. Lockheed L-188 Electra:
  5. Pilatus PC12:
    • Specializing in medical transport, the Pilatus PC12 is a practical option for cargo missions.
    • It combines versatility with efficiency.
    • Freighters with Limited Passenger Seats:
      • While most cargo planes lack passenger seats, a few may have fewer extra seats.
      • These seats are usually reserved for specific purposes:
        • Accompanying Live Cargo: Sometimes, individuals may travel alongside live animals or other cargo.
        • Company Employees: Employees of the cargo airline might occupy these seats.
        • Remote Areas: In places like Alaska, hybrid planes (cargo and passenger) exist.
      • Examples:
          • KLM Boeing 747-400 Combi: KLM offers seats on some cargo planes, blending cargo and passenger areas.
          • FlexCombi (Boeing 737-700): This plane has a sliding bulkhead, allowing three configurations: a passenger cabin with pallet positions, a smaller cabin with payload, or full freighter mode.
  1. Cargo Planes With Passenger Seats:
    • Boeing 747-8 Freighter: This freighter has a shorter upper deck and can haul 140 tonnes (308,000 pounds) of cargo over 4,120 nautical miles (7,630 kilometers). The 747-8’s fuselage is stretched by 18 feet (5.5 meters), making it an impressive 250 feet (76 meters) long. Seating is usually 3-5 seats for the crew, but sometimes 2-4 seats are available for potential passengers or extra crew in rare situations as long as the FBO has seats on hand. Again, typically, there are 5 seats, but the size of the crew needed for the cargo moved will impact the number of available extra seats. This is common in some more transported cargo airline areas and major airports.
    • Antonov An-124: It carries an impressive payload of up to 140 tonnes (308,000 pounds) and has a range of over 4,120 nautical miles (7,630 kilometers). Due to an 18-foot (5.5 meters) fuselage stretch, An-124 is an impressive 250 feet (76 meters) long. Seating is usually 3-5 seats for the crew, but sometimes 2-4 seats are available for potential passengers or extra crew in rare situations as long as the FBO has seats on hand. Again, typically, there are 5 seats, but the size of the crew needed for the cargo moved will impact the number of available extra seats. This is common in some more transported cargo airline areas and major airports.
    • Airbus A300-A600F: This is primarily used in European cargo transports up to 47,000 kg via an internal pallet system. Its cargo-friendly design allows for quick and efficient loading and unloading of palletized loads, and it has a range of over 4,000 nautical miles. The total cargo volume available on the A300-600F is 115.7 square meters. The aircraft is fitted with a 141 X 101-inch primary cargo door on the forward fuselage that facilitates the loading of industry-standard containers and pallets on the main deck, while large doors for the lower cargo holds facilitate the handling of freight in these below-deck zones. On the main deck, the A300-600F’s capacity is 15 96 X 96 X 125-inch pallets in single-row loading or side-by-side loading of up to 21 pallets sized at 88 X 96 X 125 inches. The underfloor cargo holds accept both LD3 containers (a total 23) and pallets. Seating on the Airbus is rarer for extra seats, but in some instances, there can be some available. The co-pilot can help unload, or the FBO/airport may have personnel who can help load/unload on site, or even rarer, the load does not require personnel to unload. Most instances don’t expect more than an extra seat as it’s even rarer to have seats installed in Europe than in America. Only a few places may offer this service, and most likely, you would need to pay extra for it/tip them.
  2. Regulations and Exceptions:
    • Regulations vary, but passenger seats on cargo planes are rare.
    • If you’re not directly involved in cargo operations, gaining access to these seats can be challenging.
    • Airlines may prioritize cargo over passengers.


A cargo charter from Luxury Aircraft Solutions offers numerous advantages when transporting important and urgent freight. From the speed and efficiency of dedicated cargo aircraft to the flexibility and customization of our services, we prioritize your cargo’s safe and timely delivery. With our comprehensive air cargo charter package and a commitment to security and customer satisfaction, we are ready to fulfill your transportation needs. Contact us today to request a quote and experience the benefits of using a cargo charter for your freight transportation requirements.