About Our Company

Luxury Aircraft Solutions is a private jet charter company that specializes in jet charter flights, aircraft sales, and aircraft management. As a leading authority in our industry, we supply a wide range of aircraft for many different types of clientele ranging from private individuals, world governments and Fortune 500 companies. We arrange charter flights embracing your needs on an individual basis. Here at Luxury Aircraft Solutions we pride ourselves upon understanding our client’s needs. A charter is never a package you simply purchase but a specialized solution that is custom-tailored for each and every trip.

Our Philosophy

“We do our business, so you can do your business.” Luxury Aircraft leads the industry because we continuously maintain and develop new techniques and technology to help source the proper aircraft option to match your business and personal travel requirements. We hold ourselves to a premier standard industry wide. Our #1 Priority: Passenger Safety. Luxury Aircraft Solutions takes pride in providing the highest levels of safety for our passengers. Aircraft we source are checked through a compliance report, and we can provide the ARGUS or WYVERN rating as well. This is a must for any traveler to feel confident in choosing an aircraft for their trip. When it comes to safety- We spare no detail.

We Provide Solutions

Luxury Aircraft Solutions is not an aircraft manufacturer or operator, we have the flexibility to choose the best, safest, and most reliable aircraft available in the industry. “Our customers are our reason for being here.” We dedicate time to being available to you 24/7, 365 days per year. You will always be able to contact a dedicated specialist to arrange your travel needs. We’ll help you determine the type that is best for you if you don’t already know. Call or message us to use us as your private jet charter company.

Luxury Aircraft Solutions