Why Charter A Jet – Business Jet Remains

Choice, convenience, and time saved are why travelers like flying private charter jets over commercial airlines. When you book your private jet charter, you choose what you want: airport location, when you fly, aircraft, where you land, and people you fly with. The convenience of not going through traditional airport security and other procedures is a huge benefit in terms of time saved. You no longer need to check in two-plus hours early for your flight, wait in long lines, or suffer any inconvenience. On your private jet charter, you are not required to check certain bags and stow others. You can bring that bottle of juice, keep your shoes on, use your cell phone and electronic equipment freely as long as you have a signal, or carry items not permitted on commercial flights as carry-ons. Size and weight limits on luggage are only subject to the size of your aircraft. The added convenience of being able to pack and carry anything you want on your charter jet makes preparing for your trip quick, easy, and less stressful, whether traveling for business or pleasure.

Walking a short distance from your car to your private charter jet is a convenience you will get used to very fast. Waiting at the check-in counter, miles of walking through a commercial airport, and waiting in line at the gate will be a distant memory. The time you save on commercial airline pre-flight/post-flight procedures and waiting in lines will reduce travel time. You will get there sooner.

More Reasons To Charter:
  • Convenient access to airports, which may be inaccessible using standard routes.
  • Your trip, your schedule, your flight.
  • Select an aircraft of your choice near you.
  • Access to Private terminals – FBO (Fixed Based Operators).
  • No lines, less invasive security checks.
  • Privacy aboard your very own aircraft.
  • Increased baggage allowance vs Commercial.
  • Catering standards above the norm.
  • Luxury Aircraft Solutions can arrange flights with extremely short notice.

Luxury Aircraft Solutions offers a wide variety of aircraft. We can source executive, commercial, and cargo aircraft for any needs. Let us help you with your private flight charters.

Domestic Charter Near You:

For private charter flights within the continental United States, Luxury Aircraft Solutions can provide on-demand service to over 5000 airports. Our Client Services Team is always available to assist with your travel planning and flight support services 24/7.

International Charter Abroad:

Your requirement may be a flight from London to Milan or Moscow to Dubai; Luxury Aircraft Solutions is qualified to deliver the right aircraft and service to support your charter requirement. Please contact us for further details.

Empty Leg Charter Flights:

One-way flights are often available at a significant discount. Your travel plans may match those of another aircraft on a similar route. We will always check this upon receiving your request to enhance your cost savings.

Empty Leg Charters