International Travel Checklist

Traveling internationally can be a challenging process. It’s important for even the most experienced travelers to cover all bases. It is important for people to be aware of how to prepare for a vacation so that they do not hit lots of bumps in their journey and make it a smooth experience. Below is a checklist of important things to remember as you plan your trip.

1. Contacts: In the event that a last minute change needs to be made to the itinerary, its important to keep a contact list of everyone you conversed with over the course of the planning process. This allows you to easily notify all necessary parties of any changes.

2. Insurance: Educate yourself on the restrictions and exclusions of your insurance policy. Some countries may require additional coverage.

3. Immunizations: Certain regions may require immunizations. In some cases these immunizations need to be administered more than once over a period of time.

4. Rely on the experts: Due to the complexities of international aircraft travel, if you are embarking on your first international flight, it is recommended that you use an expert to help you through the process.

5. WiFi: Some international WiFi hot spots may not be secure. If you plan on connecting your business laptop to foreign networks you may be exposing valuable information. Check with your IT department about taking the proper safety measures.

For more information or to book an aircraft, inquire with one of our experts. We can consult you on any aspect of the travel process, and provide you with important information regarding your trip.

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