Top 5 Reasons to Charter a Jet

Many people dismiss the idea of chartering a private jet strictly because it is cheaper to fly commercial.  Here are 5 reasons why chartering a private jet may be a better alternative for your next trip.


I am sure we all have a story about how we’ve been stuck at the airport longer than needed because of a delayed flight.   Sometimes flights can be cancelled at the drop of a hat due to low capacity or a number of other unexpected issues.  In addition, time is money, and although commercial travel may be cost effective think about all the things you could be doing if you weren’t stuck at the airport.

Easy Accommodations for Large Groups

It can be very strenuous trying to coordinate a large group of passengers on a commercial flight.  It is tough enough to try to fit everyone on the same flight, let alone guaranteeing that everyone will be sitting together.  In addition if there are issues with just one passenger’s luggage, it could be enough to hold up the entire group.

Personal Service

Stewardesses on commercial flights are accountable for hundreds of people.  Drinks and meals are predetermined and personal service is limited. Private charters give you that personal touch and attention that may make the difference over the course of a long flight.


Chartering a private jet allows you to contour the trip to your specific needs.  Rather than relying on the availability of major airlines and enduring layovers, you can structure your itinerary the way you want, reducing stress and time.


Private Charters give you the ability to interact with your party on a more intimate level.   Whether you are looking to spend a little time with your family, relax with some colleagues, or discuss important business matters, our charters offer the privacy you need.