Chartering A Plane To The Grand Canyon.

Often renowned as the most breathtaking sight that The USA has to offer, The Grand Canyon is as historic as it is magnificent. Millions from all over the world flock to the Grand Canyon every year to take in its beauty.

Spanning approximately 277 river miles, it is 18 miles across at its widest and as much as a mile deep in some spots.

Many have seen the sights with their feet on the ground and enjoy the 21 mile hike rim to rim, but few have experienced the canyon from above.

No charter would be more perfect for such a trip than the Cirrus SR22. Perhaps you would like to swing by the Canyon on your way to Las Vegas. Sitting only approximately 200 miles from Sin City, The Grand Canyon is just a “stones” throw away. Let us know in advance and we can arrange for you to take the scenic route and sweep through the Canyon on your way to the Casino.

Any adjustments can be made to your itinerary to accommodate your needs.

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