Chartering a Jet to the NCAA Final Four

url-1If you’re thinking about getting tickets to this year’s NCAA final four, don’t hold your breath. The application process for Final Four tickets begins in Mid-March of the year before and tickets usually sell out by Mid-May. However, if you are one of the lucky few that snagged some tickets, or you would like to get a jump on next year, below are three of the most luxurious ways to get there.

Citation M2

With both the customer and the pilot in mind, the Citation M2 offers more speed, advanced avionics, and more additional seats then its predecessor. Beautifully equipped, the Citation M2 allows you to travel with up to six passengers.

Phenom 100

Built for 4 passengers in its normal configuration, the Phenom 100 can carry up to 6 passengers with a single crew. It is a beautiful non-stop option.

Cessna CJ1

The Cessna Citation CJ1 (also known as the Citation 525) is an upgrade of the original Citation Jet. A more-modern EFIS avionics suite and a moderate increase in maximum takeoff weight are just a few of the improvements.

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