What is a fixed based operator?

A fixed based operator, or FBO is a business which is given the authority by the airport to perform the following aeronautical services:

-Tie-down and parking
-Aircraft rental
-Aircraft maintenance
-Flight instruction

Most large commercial airline companies have full time staff whose job is to provide these services. However individuals or businesses that either rent or own private jets don’t need to take on the added expense of staffing mechanics and other personnel full time. This is where an FBO is necessary.

Although it is not cost effective for the individual or company to invest in non essential personnel, their aircraft still requires a certain amount of maintenance and service. FBO’s do not generate revenue by selling plane tickets, but rather by selling fuel to plane owners, maintenance, aircraft parking space, and other related services. Many FBO’s also house a mechanic, ground crew, flight planning, and staff to help with baggage assistance as well.

In addition FBO’s can be a great career stepping stone for those looking to work in the aviation field. Many times it can be difficult to find a job working on commercial airliners. FBO’s give many people the opportunity to spend time around planes and gain essential knowledge and experience in their respective field.

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