What is the Best Jet Card?

You have a lot of options when comparing air travel options, whether you’re comparing choices with commercial airliners or private jet brokers. One thing you might have seen offered is a Jet Card, which can be worth considering if you travel frequently. If you’ve been thinking about applying for a Jet Card, you may be asking yourself what Jet Card out there has the best benefits and what you can take advantage of as a member. At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we know that our own Jet Card program is one that is incomparable to the other choices out there and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

With our Jet Card, you get all the benefits of owning a plane, but without all of the huge commitments that actually come along with airplane ownership. Our program is also extremely flexible, and gives you the option of loading flight time (perfect for those who prefer consistency and have a particular type of aircraft they like to fly) or dollars (ideal for those who like to keep their options open, and as such, hourly rates could vary.) The concept is similar to fractional ownership programs, and you never have to worry about anything on your card expiring. This is a rare perk, as many other competitors have deadlines set in place, and require that members use what is on their cards – usually within one or two years.

If you’ve flown privately before, you likely already know the perks that a chartered flight offers: you can pick your aircraft, pick your schedule, and travel in complete privacy and comfort. Imagine always being able to take advantage of these wonderful benefits as a Jet Card member. We are so certain that you’ll be happy with our program that we offer a complete refund on any unused time or hours.


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