Chartering a Helicopter around New York.

helicopter charters nyThe big apple is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Many have seen all the sights the great city has to offer, but how many have seen the breathtaking view from above?

This once in a lifetime opportunity gives passengers a new perspective of the city, and a truly memorable experience. In addition, arrangements can be made to travel to your summerhouse or nearby Casinos. When time is a factor, many don’t have the option to drive three or four hours by car.

In addition, on the corporate level, city traffic can make scheduling a meeting across town very complicated and time consuming. Many CEO’s find their solution in chartering a helicopter. Having an experienced helicopter pilot pick you up at a helipad near your office and transport you to your meeting across town is truly the most efficient and exclusive way to navigate the city.

Working late and still need to catch a flight leaving from La Guardia or JFK? A helicopter can have you there in minutes rather than rolling the dice on beating out unpredictable NYC traffic. This is also a great solution for companies with satellite offices located in other parts of the city, and neighboring cities. CEO’s and higher ups can maximize their time, and touch base with multiple locations throughout the course of the day.

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