What are Heli-Transfers? Charter a Helicopter


Chartered helicopter trips are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Chartering a private helicopter can be an exciting experience for just a tour of your hometown, or for a way  to see a new city. They can also be a great way to travel from one city to the next if you’re not traveling far. Heli-transfers, however, can ensure seamless travel by combining your chartered flight with a chartered helicopter. Instead of sitting in traffic to get to and from the airport, with a heli-transfer, you may have the option to charter a helicopter to get to and from the airport by using conveniently located helipads. Helipads are available in numerous buildings and locations, providing travelers with a wide range of possibilities when flying by chartered helicopter.

The following are some of the advantages of using chartered heli-transfers for your journey:

Breathtaking views

When you charter a helicopter, you’ll look at the overall flying experience in a way that you probably haven’t before. When you charter a helicopter as part of your heli-transfer, you’ll be ready to discover beautiful sights, as well as other landmarks, in luxury and as part of your journey to and from your travel destination. You’ll be able to get a bird eye’s view from your own city, which may be something you’ll get to experience for the first time.

They say getting there is half the fun, but when a heli-transfer is part of your travels, it may very well be the highlight of your trip!

A unique perspective

Whether it’s the city you live in or the city you’re visiting, including a heli-transfer in your itinerary provides a unique perspective. It’s an opportunity to get away from the city’s busy life and enjoy the sites without needing to deal with transportation, huge crowds, or any of the other inconveniences that come with other modes of transportation. If you’re traveling to or from a city that tends to have heavy traffic, this can be especially beneficial.

Charter a helicopter

Create great memories

You might know someone who has everything, but surprising that special someone with a trip that combines a heli-transfer with a charter flight will be an unforgettable gift that provides lifelong memories. That is why adding a chartered helicopter trip as part of your upcoming vacation is such a wonderful present. Even if your loved one has flown on a helicopter before, each experience is unique, and combining a heli-transfer with a chartered flight provides the ultimate travel experience.

Get there in style

 When you charter a private helicopter in addition to a chartered flight, there is no better way to arrive at the airport, and it’s surely a way to make an impressionable entrance. Contrary to popular belief, helicopters and chartered flights aren’t just for the ultra-wealthy, but they certainly make a statement.

Hops between cities

Helicopters could fly up to high speeds, making them a quick, handy mode of transportation. If you have to travel to multiple destinations in one day, using a heli-transfer via a chartered helicopter can be the best option, and can allow you to do more in less time.

Fly back and forth in a one day

Do you have a corporate event or a seminar scheduled out of town, and you have hopes of returning home from your trip on the same day? When part of your trip includes a lot of driving, reaching your destination and returning on the same day might be difficult. In some situations, it may be impossible.

However, you can easily cut down on travel time with heli-transfers. Returning to your origin in less time could be simple and convenient, depending on the reason you’re traveling. Due to the customized transportation solutions we provide, same-day trips can become a much more feasible option.

More efficient use of time

Your time is your most valuable resource. When it comes to traveling, especially a vacation, you want to maximize your time as much as possible. If you use a heli-transfer for your upcoming flight, you could significantly reduce your overall travel time and get to your destination much faster.

At first glance, SUVs and automobiles may be more accommodating to larger groups, but even if you’re traveling with others, heli-transfers may still be an option. Larger helicopter models could accommodate several passengers, making a heli-transfer a feasible option, whether you’re traveling with co-workers for a business trip or your family for a fun-filled vacation.

Private helicopter charter

Charter a helicopter for your upcoming trip

Are you looking to include a heli-transfer for your upcoming chartered flight? Are you looking to charter both an airplane and heli-transfer simultaneously? We are standing by and ready to help. We can arrange for a seamless flight plan that includes a heli-transfer and the private aircraft of your choice. Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today to learn more about the services we provide, and to get started on chartering a private flight that also includes a heli-transfer. If you want to know more about chartering a private flight at wholesale rates, be sure to ask us about our exclusive Jet Membership program.