Charter a helicopter from Los Angeles to Palm Springs


Los Angeles is a bustling city, jumping with just about every activity imaginable for the resident and tourist alike, and almost always at arm’s length. So whether you live in this very interesting city, or are just visiting, consider making a getaway from the fast lanes for a few days or a weekend to a place of fun, but at a slower pace, such as Palm Springs.


Traffic in Southern California

Palm Springs is about 105 miles east of Los Angeles. Southern California’s highways and freeways are not without heavy traffic and gridlocks, especially approaching the weekend. It could take a motorist several hours in these conditions to reach the destination of Palm Springs, especially if there are any road hazards or accidents. Why not avoid these very possible pitfalls from the get-go of your getaway and opt for more convenient and efficient means of round trip transportation by chartering a helicopter? All you would have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the view while this fun jaunt by air would have you from Point A to Point B. Fast, simple, and a great way to start your getaway!


Things to do in Palm Springs

Once in Palm Springs, you’ll begin to enjoy this tranquil resort town famed for its alpine villages, vintage shops, classic architecture, great golf courses, beautiful forests, and spectacular mountain views. There are also many fine restaurants, various parks, zoos, and museums.

Of particular interest is the Palm Springs Villagefest. This lively event is held every Thursday for three to four hours in the evening on Palm Canyon Drive. Here, you will find an eclectic group of entertainers, artists and artisans, and vendors with fruits, vegetables, sweets, and jewelry. Add the restaurants, clubs, and shops to the mix, and you’ll have a very fun-filled evening in a variety of ways.

The First Friday is an event sponsored by the Bureau of Tourism, the village of Palm Springs Development, and the City of Palm Springs. As it suggests, this is an occurrence held on the first Friday of every month. Visitors can browse galleries and shops in the Uptown Heritage Galleries and Antique Districts. Participating businesses remain open, welcoming you with entertainment and refreshments.

With Palm Springs having 350 days of sunshine in a year, you can plan your getaway for just about any time, but the best times to go would be between November and May. When your short stay comes to an end, you simply hop onto your chartered helicopter for your quick, hassle-free return trip to Los Angeles. Simple and fun!


Charter a helicopter from Los Angeles to Palm Springs

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