Empty Leg Helicopter Flights

Empty leg helicopter flights

If you’re just beginning to explore the idea of chartering a private flight, you’ll likely see the phrase “empty leg flights” pop up frequently. Empty leg flights are often available for all types of aircraft, ranging from jumbo jets all the way to small turboprop planes and helicopters. In fact, empty leg helicopter flights are becoming more common, as many people are discovering the benefits of chartering one-way helicopter flights for quick trips. Whether you’re looking to just learn more about empty leg helicopter flights or you’d like more information about how to charter empty leg helicopter flights, we’re here to help point you in the right direction.

What are empty leg helicopter flights?

Whenever someone charters a helicopter, they often have the option of chartering a round-trip flight or a one-way flight. While many travelers will opt to charter round-trip flights, there are also plenty who do not.  There are several potential reasons as to why someone chooses to charter a one-way flight: they may not know when they are returning, they are traveling to a different city afterward, or they will be choosing another mode of transportation for their return, such as driving. When someone charters a one-way flight and the pilot flies the plane or helicopter back to its origin without passengers on board, this is known as an empty leg flight.

How do empty leg flights work?

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario as an example: Someone is chartering a helicopter from New York City to the Hamptons. It’s the beginning of summer, traffic is heavy, and the individual planning this trip wants the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to get to the Hamptons without sitting in traffic and dealing with other delays, so they charter a helicopter. Because they don’t know when they will be specifically returning from their trip, they book a one-way helicopter flight to the Hamptons. Once that individual arrives, the helicopter must then return to New York City.

Another individual who is already in the Hamptons and with flexible travel plans finds out that there is a private, empty leg helicopter flight available and that it is heading to New York City. This other individual decides to charter this empty leg flight. It may or may not be a perfect fit for this individual’s particular travel plans, but because it is an empty leg flight, the cost savings is significant if his or her travel plans are flexible. 

Empty leg helicopter flights

Cut costs with cheap, private empty leg flights

Because these flights are going to happen with or without passengers on board, travelers can often score cheap, private empty leg flights if they are using the right tools, searching at the right time, and working with an experienced charter broker. Chartering a private flight, even a private helicopter, is not always a financially feasible option. However, with empty leg options, flying private can be a much more realistic possibility. At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we’re available to help you find cheap, private empty leg flights for your next trip.

Benefits of chartering a helicopter

Chartering a helicopter offers some exclusive benefits when compared to other types of aircraft. Typically, people choose helicopters over airplanes when they are traveling short distances, but still looking to maximize their time. 

Skip traffic. If you’re traveling to or from a major city, chartering a helicopter can save you a significant amount of time, as you won’t have to spend hours sitting in traffic. If you’re familiar with some of the nation’s busiest cities, such as New York City and Los Angeles, you know just how significant these traffic delays can be.

Avoid a messy commute. Chartering a helicopter for an everyday commute may not be a realistic option (although that would be pretty amazing), but if you’re traveling for a particularly important event, such as a conference, meeting, business trip to a neighboring town, or you’re traveling on a day that will be especially congested, a helicopter can help you avoid lengthy delays. 

Enjoy your next vacation. Road trips can be fun, but they can also be stressful. If your time is limited, or you simply don’t want to spend hours in a car, cut way back on your travel time, sit back and relax, and start your vacation the right way by chartering a helicopter. By traveling on a private helicopter, you can easily enjoy nearby towns and cities, even for just the day, without the added stress of driving. 

Take advantage of conveniently located helipads and heliports. Airports are not always located in the most convenient places, and this sometimes includes municipal airports, too. Helipads don’t take up much space and helicopters don’t need nearly as much clearance to take off and land, and because of this, heliports are more readily available, even in some of the busiest places in metropolitan areas. For example, there is a two-acre heliport located right in Downtown Manhattan, making it one of the fastest and easiest ways to get in and out of the city. If you’re traveling to an airport for a flight on a larger airplane, you can even charter a helicopter to the nearby airport of your choice, and completely eliminate any time you would spend sitting in traffic.

Empty leg helicopter flights

Charter an empty leg flight today

Whether you’re specifically looking for an empty leg helicopter flight, or cheap, private empty leg flights in general, we’re here to help. Subscribe to our empty leg flight notifications to learn more about empty leg flights that become available in your area. We are also happy to discuss the different options available for the specific date and/or location you’re looking for. Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today to get started!