HondaJet Aims to Soar

honda jet
In the high expectation luxury travel market nothing gets overlooked. From a comfort and quality standpoint, these jets and helicopters are in a class all their own. Honda has decided to step up and introduce the HondaJet. Honda is known for its wide array of fuel efficient cars that sell to the masses. The auto industry giant looks to apply this same criteria to luxury jets.

The HondaJet, made available in late 2012, is a lightweight Jet that provides an intimate environment while also being extremely fast. Comfortably seating 6 passengers and 2 crew members the Honda Jet looks to become the industry standard. Fuel efficient like the cars that share its namesake, the HondaJet delivers one of the best private jet charter options in the market.

If you’re looking for style and class as well as feasibility, The HondaJet is the best option. Pricing has been announced at around $3.7 million, which is significantly less than the average for similar jets with the same size and performance. For a luxury jet with the core of a well-known automotive superpower, the HondaJet will take you on a ride you couldn’t believe for a third of the price you would expect.

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