Charter a Seaplane This Summer to One of These Destinations

Private seaplane charter

If you’re looking for a summer adventure that’s a little out of the ordinary, consider chartering a seaplane. Seaplanes offer a unique way to travel, and can get you to some pretty amazing places. From turquoise waters and sandy beaches, to towering mountains and glaciers, there are plenty of breathtaking places to see by seaplane. And what could be more exhilarating than taking off and landing on water? If you’re looking for some inspiration, the following are just a few ideas for a summer seaplane trip:

Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport is a beautiful town in Maine that is perfect for a summer getaway, and it is an ideal place to relax and unwind. The town is situated on the coast, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. There are also many shops and restaurants to explore. 

Charter a seaplane to Maldives

The Maldives

The Maldives is a destination renowned for its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters. The Maldives has over 1,000 islands, making it the perfect place to explore by air. And since some seaplanes can land on both water and land, you’ll have plenty of options for landing spots. Although taking a seaplane to your resort is fairly common in the Maldives, chartering a private seaplane can make your trip even more special.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

There’s something special about Martha’s Vineyard. Perhaps it’s the island’s unique history, or maybe it’s the natural beauty of the landscape, with its gentle rolling hills, pristine beaches, and tranquil waters. Whatever the reason, Martha’s Vineyard is a destination like no other, and one that is well worth exploring.

When it comes to traveling in Martha’s Vineyard, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the island is quite small, so getting around is relatively easy. There are two main ways to get around Martha’s Vineyard: by car or by foot. If you’re planning on doing a lot of walking, be sure to pack comfortable shoes. Secondly, Martha’s Vineyard is a popular summer destination, so don’t delay on finalizing your travel plans. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the island’s unique food and drink. From fresh seafood to locally-made wine, there are plenty of delicious things to eat and drink on Martha’s Vineyard.

Charter a seaplane to Alaska


Alaska is another great destination for a seaplane trip. There are many beautiful places to see in Alaska, and a seaplane is the perfect way to get around. You can land on glaciers, lakes, and even in the ocean. And since Alaska is such a big state, a seaplane is the best way to see as much of it as possible, since it can enable you to get to remote areas that can otherwise be difficult to access.

Block Island, Rhode Island

Block Island is a beautiful, historic island off the coast of Rhode Island. Its picturesque scenery and tranquil atmosphere make it a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer months. Because there are no direct commercial flights, Block Island is typically reached by ferry from both Newport and Point Judith. Chartering a seaplane, however, is the fastest and most convenient way to get to Block Island.

Once on the island, visitors can explore its many beaches, hiking trails, and lighthouses. There are also a number of restaurants and shops to enjoy. With so much to see and do, Block Island is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a vacation.

Sag Harbor, New York

Sag Harbor is a beautiful village located in the Hamptons on Long Island. It’s a popular destination for New Yorkers looking to escape the city and enjoy some time by the water. There are plenty of things to do in Sag Harbor, from exploring the historic downtown to enjoying the beach.

When you’re planning a trip to Sag Harbor, the first thing you need to do is decide how you’re going to get there. The village is located in the Hamptons on Long Island, which is about a 2.5 hour drive from New York City. If you don’t want to deal with traffic and parking, you can take the train. From the station, however, you will still need to drive to Sag Harbor. The fastest and most efficient way to get to Sag Harbor is to charter a private seaplane.

Once you’ve arrived in Sag Harbor, you’ll be able to start exploring all that the village has to offer. If you love the beach, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of beaches to choose from. Coopers Beach is one of the most popular options, but there are also smaller, more intimate beaches like Marine Park and Long Beach. If you’re looking for something to do away from the sand, Sag Harbor is home to a number of historic sites and museums.

Charter a seaplane

Charter a seaplane this summer with Luxury Aircraft Solutions

If you’re looking for a summer adventure that’s a little out of the ordinary, consider chartering a seaplane. These destinations are just a few of the many great places to take a seaplane ride, and can also give you the opportunity to quickly reach a remote area.