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Belize is an amazing country with much to offer. Located in Central America and facing the Caribbean, Belize is a fabulous beach destination with plenty of activities to choose from, such as cave spelunking, river tubing, diving, snorkeling, and interacting with wildlife.


Best time to visit Belize

Although Belize is known for warm weather year-round, you’ll want to avoid the rainy season, which lasts from June through November. November until February can be hit or miss, with the official dry season and best chance for great weather being from February through April. And with most places throughout the United States experiencing chilly temps and brutal winter conditions, it can be the perfect time for a tropical getaway.


The islands and beaches of Belize

Belize has hundreds of tiny islands that are also known as cayes, which are home to some of the country’s best beaches and luxurious resorts. Some noteworthy cayes include Ambergris Caye, Long Caye, South Water Caye, and Half Moon Caye. Back on the mainland, some of the best beaches can be found along the Placencia Peninsula, which stretches for 18 miles.


The Great Blue Hole

Divers and snorkelers alike can’t miss the Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef, which is one of Belize’s top attractions. The Great Blue Hole is home to an abundance of marine life, including blacktip sharks, nurse sharks, sea turtles, and parrotfish.


Charter a flight to Belize

There are over a dozen airports in Belize, but most commercial airlines from the US will only fly into Belize City, so you’ll need to make other travel arrangements or switch planes if you plan on visiting other parts of Belize. Whether you plan on heading to other parts of Belize or you want to skip Belize City altogether, why not fly directly into the city you plan on visiting with a private plane charter through Luxury Aircraft Solutions? Contact us today for more information and to learn more about flying privately with a plane charter from Luxury Aircraft Solutions.

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