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Lighthouse Path

Nantucket is a beautiful place to visit in the summertime as gorgeous sunrises splash across Nantucket’s many sandy beaches and make cold and snow seem like a distant memory. Besides panoramic ocean views and quaint lighthouses, Nantucket offers a rich history and so many things to do that you could spend your entire summer trying new activities, dining opportunities, and cultural exhibitions.


Nantucket is well known for its sweeping beaches and stunning views. You have many options for spending a day at the beach, from Surfside Beach on the south end to Jetties Beach on the north end. Each offers pristine sand and a welcoming boardwalk. If you’re looking for waves, choose the northern end of the island. Calmer waters can be found at the southern end.


Whether you enjoy a day at the Whaling Museum or would prefer exploring microbreweries, such as Cisco Brewers, Nantucket has cultural opportunities to make your summer full of new experiences. Though it is a gorgeous town for tourists today, Nantucket has a rich history of a whaling community with historic sites and lighthouses to explore.


Upscale Dining

Nantucket may be a small island, but it offers a big city selection of fine dining that will make your mouth water. The unparalleled Company of the Cauldron is more than a restaurant. The artistically displayed gourmet food here will be fondly remembered long after your trip is over. Celebrating a romantic anniversary or honeymoon? Try Oran Mor for a stunning, exclusive venue.


If you are a nature enthusiast, you will love the many opportunities to observe and explore the outdoors in Nantucket. The Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge has an amazing variety of animals that make their home in this naturally beautiful park.


Getting to Nantucket

Most people will drive or fly to Boston, make their way to Cape Cod and then take the ferry to Nantucket. This is not only time consuming, but ferry tickets are limited during the summer months and often required advanced planning. And even then, the time you want to get to or from Nantucket may be unavailable.

Nantucket has its own small airport, so you can skip all of these steps and just charter your own small plane. Imagine how convenient it can be to fly from your own town and straight to Nantucket!

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