Best Beaches In California


California’s west coast has some of the best beaches in the country, offering everything from relaxing and beautiful scenery to pristine surfing conditions. Consider one of California’s top beaches for your next vacation:


Crescent Bay Beach: Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay Beach can be found where North Pacific Coast Highway and Cliff Drive meet, at the north end of Laguna Beach. About an hour and five minutes away from Palos Verdes, it is a great place for you to find a vacation home. If you are interested in finding a home near Laguna Beach, you may want to look into Palos Verdes realtor Maureen Megowan who might be able to help you to find your dream home. The cove, which is about a quarter mile long, has both rocky areas and stretches of smooth sand. The popular beach is a hotspot for scuba diving, surfing, and other water sports. You’ll also have a good chance at spotting sea lions and seals. Scuba diving is a brilliant hobby for people who love the outdoors, read about the best scuba fins here if you’re considering taking it up as having the right equipment makes all the difference.


El Matador Beach: Malibu

Located in the west part of Malibu is Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach, which is home to some of the area’s best beaches. This unique beach has tons of amazing sea caves and rock formations to explore, in addition to plenty of sandy areas for catching some rays.


Pfeiffer Beach: Big Sur

A favorite amongst the locals, Pfeiffer Beach isn’t the easiest one to get to–but it’s certainly worth the effort. The arch rock and sandy, wide beaches make this one of the most picturesque beaches in central California. The trademark of this unspoiled piece of paradise is its unusual purple sand, which comes from nearby manganese garnet particles.


La Jolla Cove: San Diego

La Jolla in San Diego has a lot of great beaches that are popular amongst tourists and locals alike, but La Jolla Cove offers something truly special for active individuals looking for a little adventure. A kayaker’s dream, La Jolla Cove is filled with beautiful sea caves that can easily be explored. It’s also a prime place for marine life viewing, snorkeling, and scuba diving, or just taking it easy. If something like scuba diving interests you, it might be wise to take a look at some mens wetsuits so that you’ve got all gear necessary for an activity of this nature.

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