Hire a ‘Flying Nanny’ for your next charter flight


Do you ever wish that more help was available with children on long-haul flights, so you can sit back and have a little ‘me time’? With parents and their children in mind, Luxury Aircraft Solutions has partnered up with Lily Pond Services LLC., a referral-only boutique select domestic staffing firm to offer you a ‘Flying Nanny’ on your next flight. We will work tirelessly to make a great nanny/parent-child match, based on your needs, personalities, experience and availability.

Little boy playing with toy airplane

Besides the Flying Nannies training, the nannies will also come equipped with toys, arts, and craft projects to engage the children with; for instance, making animals and puppets out of cups and cardboard.


The Flying Nannies are trained extensively on aspects of child psychology and sociology, enabling them to adapt to different circumstances and behavioral patterns accordingly.

Other roles performed by the Flying Nanny include serving dedicated children’s meals, providing a Flying Nanny kit with straws, stickers, cardboard, and other items. Some are even trained to teach children some simple magic tricks!


Enquire today for this exclusive new add-on flight service. To learn more about Lily Pond Services, visit their website.

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