Benefits of a Private Jet Charter Membership

When it comes to the best way to travel, chartering a private flight always wins, hands down.  Whether you’re new to flying private or it’s the only way you fly, consider the many benefits of signing up for one of our jet membership programs, which offer significant advantages and allow you to maximize your charter flight experience.

At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we offer two types of private charter memberships: our Aviate Jet Card, and a monthly membership through that provides zero-commission bookings. Deciding which program is right for you is based on your overall preferences, as well as how you like to travel, how often you fly, and so on. If you ever need any assistance deciding which private charter membership is best for you, we are always available to help.

How charter flight pricing works

If you’re new to flying privately, understanding how charter flight pricing is structured can help you choose which membership option is best suited for you. The type of plane you charter, as well as how far you’re flying, are the primary factors that influence the total cost of your flight. Typically, the hourly rates for small to medium-sized private planes can range anywhere from $1,300 to $6,000, whereas larger aircraft that accommodate more than six passengers will cost anywhere from $10,000 to $16,000 an hour. 

Charter brokers add on their fee, or their commission, on top of the actual cost of the flight. This is typically a small percentage of the total hourly cost. By paying this fee, clientele have access to experienced charter brokers from the very beginning of their charter flight booking. Brokers arrange every detail of your flight plans, and they ensure you have a smooth, stress-free travel experience from beginning to end. Travelers quickly realize the services that brokers offer are invaluable and chartering a private flight without the help of an experienced broker can be  overwhelming and challenging.

Charter broker assistance without the commission 

Our Jet Membership program gives members the best of both worlds: assistance with flight bookings through experienced charter brokers, but without the added cost of commission for each flight. In lieu of paying commissions, members pay a flat membership fee. Our members will then have access to more than 5,000 private planes available for charter around the world. Our charter brokers find the aircraft that best suits your needs, scheduling, and route preferences, and we negotiate the lowest price possible for your trip. Members can take advantage of wholesale rates, giving them the best price for their charter flight, guaranteed.

Know everything about your aircraft

Receive full transparency about the aircraft you’re chartering as a member. You’ll have access to the air operator’s certificate, insurance, aircraft tail number, manufacture year, details about any refurbishments, safety ratings, and any other information you’d like prior to finalizing your booking. Additionally, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll only be choosing from planes that are ARGUS and WYVERN rated. 

VIP access

Members have access to agents 24/7 and can receive unlimited quotes for upcoming flights. We are always available and standing by, ready to quickly provide you with as many quotes as you need to best select the plane and routing that aligns with your travel plans. Our members find this perk to be time-saving, convenient, and a more cost-efficient way to charter their private flights.

Aviate Jet Card

Our Aviate Jet Card program is another way to save on the cost of chartering private flights. Instead of subscribing to an ongoing membership program, like the one we offer through our Jet Membership service, clients can purchase hourly cards upfront to use when they want, and how they want. 

Lock in pricing 

Normally, when you charter a private flight, the hourly rate you pay will vary from one flight to the next. With a Jet Card, members can lock in hourly rates ahead of time. The cost to sign up for a Jet Card is $299/month (or $3,250 annually), but members find that the fixed pricing they receive in exchange makes this cost miniscule. Pre-purchased hours also never expire, and there aren’t any blackout dates.

We guarantee customer satisfaction  

The only regret our clients usually have about our Jet Card program? Not signing up sooner. In fact, we are so confident that you will be satisfied with the purchase of a Jet Card, that we will refund any unused hours if you are unhappy with the services we provide or any part of the program.

Private flight charter

Enroll in one of our private jet charter memberships today

Whether you are looking to sign up for an Aviate Jet Card or enroll in our exclusive Jet Membership program, we are confident you will be happy with your choice. Not only are there cost-saving benefits, but there are other exclusive advantages that only members receive. If you’d like to discuss these programs in more detail, we are happy to compare the different options and help you make your selection. Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today!

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