Safety benefits of private jet travel


Private jet travel has many advantages, but people don’t always consider safety one of them. We tend to focus on the more luxurious accommodations and comfortable privacy that is enjoyed during a private charter flight. Flying on a charter jet certainly saves time and the headache of airport crowds, but there are also safety benefits to consider.

Know your pilot

With commercial flights, you have no idea who is flying your plane besides the disembodied voice that you hear once you are already on board. When enjoying private flights, you can know your pilot’s background and meet them ahead of time for greater peace of mind. You may even be able to employ the same pilot for frequent trips, knowing that you are being flown by someone you can trust.

Know who is on board

Airport security, as comprehensive as it is, simply cannot resolve every issue that crops up due to the fact that you have over 200 strangers on board together. These problems can vary from mundane to severe, but you do not have to deal with any of them on a private flight. Whether you worry about other passengers with bad intentions or simply wish to avoid crying babies, you know exactly who the other passengers are on your own chartered flight.


Know your plane

Safety regulations for private charter jets are rigorous and comprehensive. When you hire a private plane, you can review the safety and inspection records for the specific jet that you will be using. While you never know when the last service was performed on the commercial flights that you take, you can know the detailed history and condition of a privately chartered jet.

Be in control

Rather than letting someone else make the decisions regarding weather conditions or other elements that may cause delay, you can always make the final decision when it comes to postponing a trip. For example, if you’d prefer not to fly in a storm, you can always save your trip for another time.


Charter a flight with Luxury Aircraft Solutions

There are so many benefits of flying privately, with safety just being one of the many advantages. If you’ve always thought about chartering a flight for your next trip, there’s no better time than now to put those plans into action. Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today or get an instant private jet charter quote.

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