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private jet charter flight cost estimator

If you’re looking to charter a private jet but are unsure how much a particular trip will cost our private jet charter cost estimator is the first step toward getting a quick and transparent quote. By filling out our estimator, you can instantly see how much it would cost to charter your private flight.

Private Jet Charter Cost Estimator – Instant Quote

Several factors determine the final cost of a private flight. Our private jet cost estimator will quote you based on your travel date, number of passengers, departure airport, and arrival airport. Other factors, such as the aircraft you’d like to charter, will also greatly influence the cost of a private jet charter. 

The cost of a private jet charter is normally based on an hourly rate. Although the cost of a chartered flight is based on different factors, prices generally range from $3,000 hourly for a light jet to $10,000 hourly for a private jet.

If you’re looking to charter a flight, there are several ways to cut costs. One way is to charter a different type of aircraft. Turboprops are available at lower costs and generally start at $1,300 an hour. Flying on a private helicopter may also be suitable, depending on where you travel.

Another way to cut down on the cost of a private jet charter is to charter an empty-leg flight. A flight is considered an empty-leg flight when traveling to or from a particular airport after accommodating someone who chartered a one-way flight. 

For example, you’re flying a charter flight one-way from New York to Las Vegas. Once you land in Las Vegas, the aircraft may need to fly back to New York as soon as possible to accommodate another traveler. However, that flight from Las Vegas to New York carries no passengers. You can charter that specific flight at a steep discount if your travel plans are flexible.

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