Are Planes Safer Than Cars?

Are planes after than cars?

When you’re traveling, especially if you are traveling with family and loved ones, safety is often a top priority and understandably so. It’s normal to feel apprehensive about flying, especially if you don’t fly often. We understand your concerns, and you might be relieved to know that you are not alone when it comes to these hesitations. In fact, it makes many people question the same thing often when making their travel plans: Are planes safer than cars, and is flying safer than driving? Some people are under the false impression that driving is a much safer option than flying, and that is why they prefer driving over flying, even when traveling a long distance. However, it’s important to know that the chances of getting into a plane crash are significantly lower than getting into a car accident. 

Is flying safer than driving?

Why are planes safer than cars?

According to International Air Transport Association reports, in 2018, there was only one accident for every 5.4 million flights. When it comes to deadly car accidents, on the other hand, statistics show that about 1.35 million people die in car accidents worldwide each year, which equates to about 3,700 fatalities every day.

Some of the many factors that contribute to flight safety include:

Division of responsibility

During a flight, there are numerous people working together to ensure the safety of everyone on board. This includes flight crews, aircraft dispatchers, and air traffic controllers, among others. Each department is dependent on the other and also monitors the other. Thus, a successful flight consists of many small teams. Even while changing altitudes, all departments have to be consulted. Before a potential problem even becomes serious, it can be rectified quickly. 

Training and certifications

Getting a driver’s license is much easier than receiving a pilot’s license. You have to go through extensive and rigorous training if you want to get a pilot’s license. Aircraft dispatcher training requires extensive testing and training. Becoming a pilot for a chartered aircraft also requires extensive experience and flight hours. Getting a driver’s license, on the other hand, does not require such rigorous training and experience. This reason alone shows why travelers can rely on pilots more than other drivers while traveling.

Advanced aviation technology

When it comes to technology, aviation technology is much better than automobile technology. The technology on a plane helps to monitor what is happening inside the plane and the atmosphere surrounding the plane. The latest models of planes have so many advanced safety features that make flying the safest mode of transportation.

Private flight charter provides optimal safety

The statistics prove that flying is simply much safer than driving, but what about when it comes to flying private? If you haven’t chartered a private flight before, you may have doubts or hesitations when it comes to minimum safety standards and how they compare to the safety standards that commercial airlines implement. When you charter a private flight with Luxury Aircraft Solutions, you can take comfort in knowing that we follow the same safety standards that you can expect when flying with any major airliner. On top of that, we offer exclusive safety benefits that can help protect you and your loved ones while traveling, which are only made possible through flying private. Some of the many safety benefits of flying private include:

No need to worry about health concerns when traveling

Chartering a private flight reduces your exposure to health-related hazards. Especially in the time of a pandemic, you don’t want to travel on a commercial plane where you can be easily exposed to various viruses, which is almost inevitable when you are traveling in a tight space with hundreds of strangers.

Safety for high-profile celebrities

If you are a famous personality or a public figure, traveling on a private flight should be your go-to option. Celebrities flying on commercial flights don’t have the same level of privacy that they have when they fly private, which can potentially put their safety in jeopardy.

Security concerns over other passengers

Even though all passengers go through extensive security screenings before they board a commercial flight, there is no foolproof way to always ensure that the other strangers you’re traveling with don’t have malicious intentions, as past historical events have proven. Controlling who does, and who doesn’t, fly with you can offer tremendous peace of mind and can help to guarantee your safety when flying.

Charter a flight to ensure safety

Charter a private flight with Luxury Aircraft Solutions

When it comes to determining if planes are safer than cars, the evidence is overwhelming. Flying is not only a much safer option than driving but when safety is a priority, chartering a private flight is the only way to go. At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we ensure that all aircraft we arrange for our clients only meet the best safety standards. We also guarantee that all pilots and flight crew have gone through rigorous training, so you can trust that you and your traveling party are in the best hands.  Whether you have additional questions about the safety protocols we follow, how the process of chartering a private flight works, or you’re ready to get started, we are standing by and ready to help.

Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today to learn more about chartering a private flight for your next trip, and to learn more about the safety standards we always adhere to.

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