How to Travel Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to travel safely during COVID-19

Miss traveling and want to know how to travel safely during COVID-19? Do you have questions about plane safety during COVID-19? You are certainly not alone. The COVID-19 outbreak affected most people around the world in numerous ways. Although a great deal of what we’re used to has been affected, with vaccine distribution and other changes taking place, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: life is slowly returning to normal. Some people may need to proceed cautiously as they resume their normal activities, and understandably so. For example, many individuals want to travel again but are unsure how to travel safely during COVID-19. Fortunately, there are several precautions you can take that can enable you to travel safely during COVID-19. If you plan on flying, plane safety during COVID-19 is also important to take note of.

Practice Social Distancing

The CDC strongly recommends practicing social distancing whenever you’re in a public setting and near other people you don’t live with. Specifically, these recommendations include standing at least six feet apart or three feet apart now that 2024 has at least begun, which can significantly reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 and other contagious viruses. When you’re traveling, you’ll likely encounter numerous situations where you’ll be near crowds of people, and it’s crucial to keep these safety measures in mind.

After lockdowns were lifted and non-essential travel slowly resumed, changes, such as capacity restrictions, were implemented to help encourage social distancing. However, it can be difficult to always remain six feet away from others at all times, which can make people leery of travel. This is especially the case when it comes to larger airports that serve major cities, which have made many people question plane safety during COVID-19. As an alternative option, many people have opted for road trips instead and as a means to avoid airports altogether. 

Instead of driving, consider an entirely different option that completely simplifies social distancing: chartering a private flight. Avoid large crowds and long lines at airports; when you charter a private flight, you can choose the airports you fly in and out of. You can pick the airports that are actually closer to your departure point and destination, and because some of these airports are very small and cater exclusively to charter flights, crowds are practically non-existent. It’s the perfect solution for those looking to travel safely during COVID.

Only Travel With Close Friends and Family

Major forms of transportation, such as buses, trains, and commercial flights, make it impossible to avoid other people. Although safety measures have been implemented to allow adequate social distancing for travelers, including limited seating, it is not completely foolproof, which can lead to COVID-19 exposure. If you are traveling exclusively with the people you are already spending time with, you are more in control of who you are exposed to, which can significantly lower your risk of getting sick. Flying private gives you that flexibility.

Plane safety during COVD

Avoid Commercial Flights For Better Health

Although commercial airlines never stopped operating completely, even during the height of the pandemic, they began unrolling crucial safety measures when lockdown restrictions eased and people slowly began to vacation once again. However, despite these efforts to keep passengers safe, people should be aware of numerous aspects of commercial airline travel.

Even years before the COVID outbreak, multiple articles and studies have been published sharing data about contracting illnesses and viruses from commercial flights. One report revealed that a small percentage of commercial airplanes don’t use HEPA filters, which can put passengers at risk for airborne infections. In newer planes, especially in the wake of the pandemic, it is likely safe to assume that the air onboard is being filtered adequately. However, it can be impossible to know this for sure. When you charter a private flight, every aspect of your flight meets the highest standards. Your health, safety, and comfort are the utmost priority. 

Studies show that if you’re going to get sick from flying, you’re more likely to contract an illness from a nearby passenger. And when it comes to a potentially serious virus like COVID-19, this is not a risk worth taking. Some airlines have banned the sale of middle seats to encourage social distancing, but many airlines have also announced that they will be lifting these restrictions soon. Other airlines have never implemented these restrictions and have encouraged passengers to avoid booking middle seats if possible. 

Commercial airlines have also implemented temperature screening checkpoints to ensure that passengers with fevers don’t board, but at this time, negative COVID-19 tests are not required for people to fly on commercial airplanes. Although some countries require negative test results for entry, including the United States, commercial airlines currently do not have a plan to make this a requirement for passengers to board their planes. Because an individual’s body temperature is not completely indicative of whether they have COVID-19, it is still completely possible to be seated near someone on a commercial airplane who is, in fact, carrying COVID-19. Is this something you are willing to risk?

Plane Safety During COVID-19

When you charter a private flight, the safety precautions that are taken before, during, and after your flight are second to none. They cannot be matched with other forms of travel, especially compared to commercial airline travel. You and your passengers receive personalized attention and care; the added expense is worth it if you prioritize your health. Take comfort in the fact that all charter planes are fully sanitized between each flight and that you’re in control of who you travel with.

Charter a private flight during COVID-19

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Now that you know more about how to travel safely during COVID-19 and your various options when it comes to plane safety during COVID, what are you waiting for? Nothing is holding you back now when it comes to safely enjoying your next vacation. Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions Today to learn more about chartering your private flight to and from the airports of your preference.

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