Top 10 reasons to use Farmingdale Republic Airport (FRG)


Are you traveling to or from the Long Island area? The following are top 10 reasons you’ll want to use the Republic Airport in Farmingdale:

1. You don’t have to go far. If you’re traveling to or from the Long Island area, this is your closest airport. If you don’t have to travel far, it makes your travel plans much easier.

2. You cut out a lot steps. Commercial airports can be a huge hassle–from shuttle trains to strict security, and everything in between. Your time is valuable, and by choosing Republic Airport in Farmingdale, you get to your destination much faster.

3. Beat the traffic. New York traffic is almost always bad, but it becomes especially burdensome during holidays, summer, and special events. Whether you were thinking about just driving to your destination, or even driving to one of New York’s commercial airports, using Republic Airport can allow you to beat the traffic if you’re in the Long Island area.

4. Avoid huge airports. There is a lot to plan for when it comes to visiting a big airport. From safety concerns, to strict packing regulations, you may have your own reason for wanting to avoid a large commercial airport. Even if you just want to avoid the crowds, a small airport like Republic Airport in Farmingdale can be the ideal choice.

5. It’s discreet. If you’re a celebrity, it can be impossible to go unnoticed if you’re flying in or out of a large commercial airport. If you don’t want to be seen, a smaller airport–such as Republic Airport–is a better choice because of the privacy it provides.

6. There’s a lot of stuff to do nearby. If you’re flying into Republic Airport and you’ve got some time to kill before an event or meeting, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and other attractions within a few miles of the airport.

7. Better chance of making your flight. If you’re flying out of one New York’s major commercial airports, it can be extremely difficult to anticipate just how long it will take you to get there. Between traffic and required check-in times, timing when to leave can be almost impossible, unless you’re ready to spend the entire day at the airport. If you’ve missed a flight just one too many times, Republic Airport is for you. And no worries if you’re running late anyway, it’s your charter flight and your pilot will wait for you.

8. It’s easily accessible from the highway. Traffic in New York can be horrendous, especially if you have to take a lot of side streets. Because Republic Airport is conveniently located right off the highway, it means you’re boarding your flight that much faster.

9. You can take a quick trip to nearby destinations. Chartering a plane doesn’t always mean a cross-country flight or international escape: it can mean something as simple as Atlantic City for the weekend. Yup, you can fly directly to Atlantic City from Farmingdale via your own private aircraft, and arrive in just 43 short minutes.

10. You have options for different aircraft. Many small airports that only cater to charter flights can only handle small aircraft. While you always have the option of chartering a small plane, the Republic Airport in Farmingdale also allows for the arrival and departure of larger aircraft, such as the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. So if you’re traveling to or from Long Island with a large group (or you simply prefer bigger planes), you won’t be limited in your selection.


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