Round-trip flights from Teterboro (TEB) to Duluth, MN (DLH)

Side view of turboprop airplane on the ground taciing


Flying from Teterboro, New Jersey: Teterboro Airport (TEB)

Flying to Duluth, Minnesota: Duluth International Airport (DLH)

Average flying time: 2 hours, 29 minutes

Are you heading to Minnesota for a weekend getaway, to visit family, or for a business trip? If you’re traveling from the New York/New Jersey area, the easiest way to fly to Duluth and surrounding cities is to fly private via Teterboro. Flights to Minnesota are few and far between, especially to the Duluth area. Even if you do find a commercial flight that sort of works, you still have to consider the schedule and availability. It may not be the most convenient flight for you and you still might have a long drive ahead of you once you arrive in Minnesota, and not to mention, the hassle of dealing with Newark Airport, JFK Airport, or LaGuardia. Simplify your travel plans by booking a round-trip flight with Luxury Aircraft Solutions. We’re also happy to offer free catering on every flight.

About Teterboro Airport (TEB)

111 Industrial Ave.
Teterboro, NJ 07608

Conveniently located close to New York City, Teterboro is the perfect solution for travelers looking for a nearby airport that is also smaller, quiet, and not quite as chaotic. Commercial flights aren’t available to or from Teterboro, making it the ideal choice for those who prefer to travel by private charter flight.

Lift bridge in Duluth Minnesota at night. Wintertime

About Duluth International Airport (DLH)

4701 Grinden Dr.
Duluth, MN 55811

Duluth International Airport is a small, two-runway airport in Minnesota. It does serve commercial airliners, but not many, and there aren’t very many options throughout the day if you’re looking to fly commercially in or out of Duluth. But by flying privately, you won’t need to worry about limited commercial flight schedules, because you’re in charge of your flight times.

Do you want to learn more about booking your round-trip tickets from Teterboro, NJ to Duluth, MN? Whether you want to receive a quote or would like more information about the available aircraft for charter, we’re happy to help. Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today!