Private jet from Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) to Miami International Airport (MIA)

Departing from San Jose, California: Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC)

Flying to Miami, Florida: Miami International Airport (MIA)

Average flying time: 5 hours, 37 minutes

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About Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC)

1701 Airport Blvd
San Jose, CA 95110

Although San Francisco International Airport is the busiest airport in the Bay Area, Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport in San Jose follows closely behind. It is located less than four miles from the heart of downtown San Jose, making it a very convenient airport choice for anyone traveling to and from the city. In order to comply with FAA regulations, the height of each building in downtown San Jose is limited, due to the city’s close proximity to the airport. In just 2018, the airport served more than 14 million passengers, beating a previous record.

About Miami International Airport – Miami, Florida (MIA)


2100 NW 42nd Ave
Miami, FL 33126

Miami International Airport is one of several major airports in the state of Florida. Depending on where you’re specifically traveling to in Miami, flying into Miami International Airport could be your best and most efficient option. Many people also fly in and out of Miami International Airport when they are traveling internationally, as Miami International Airport frequently serves as a flight connection hub for numerous destinations around the world. In particular, numerous travelers connect to countries in Latin America, Europe, and the Caribbean via Miami International Airport. At Luxury Aircraft Solution, we can charter the first leg of your trip on a private flight, even if you’re making a connection on an international commercial flight.

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