Do Charter Flights Go Through Security?

Do charter flights go through security?

One of the most dreaded parts of flying commercial isn’t the actual flight itself, but the check-in process, including security. Most commercial passengers have experienced that feeling of uncertainty and anxiety when they arrive at the airport only to discover that security lines are wrapped around the entire terminal. Even when you plan to arrive early, in some cases, it’s not early enough. Passengers miss flights often because of long security lines, which brings many people to one specific question: Do charter flights go through security? 

When it comes to flying, safety is of the utmost importance and it is the number one priority. Because flying still remains the safest way to travel compared to any other transportation option, specific security measures are in place to ensure all pilots, flight crew, and passengers follow all safety regulations. These safety precautions must be taken regardless of whether you are flying commercially or privately. However, when you charter a private flight, the way you go through security will differ significantly. Security screenings for charter flight passengers are faster, less invasive, and less restrictive. However, they still ensure that even as a charter flight passenger, you will have a safe onboard experience. 

Security screenings on private aircraft

Fixed-Base Operator (FBO)

Most airports typically have small terminals that are reserved exclusively for charter flight passengers, which are known as Fixed-Base Operators, or simply FBOs. These FBO terminals still offer all the same amenities that other terminals provide, but on a much smaller scale to accommodate fewer crowds. Because they are only available for charter flight passengers, there aren’t any long lines to worry about, they are much easier to navigate, and security screenings are a breeze.

Protocols vary by airport

If you are flying through a major airport, you will usually just go through an expedited screening at the FBO terminal. However, the security protocols will vary by airport, and many airports offer even more simplified security screenings than that. For example, if you are flying out of an airport with ramp access, you may have the option to drive your car right on the tarmac and next to the aircraft you’ll be boarding. Prior to boarding your plane, you’ll go through a quick security screening. In some cases, you can be screened without ever stepping foot in an airport terminal.

Expedited security screenings save time

One of the major benefits that expedited security screenings provide for charter flight passengers is that they save a considerable amount of time. Commercial flight passengers often have to arrive at the airport two to three hours prior to their boarding time to check in and go through security, but charter flight passengers only usually need to arrive five to 30 minutes prior to take-off.  

Avoiding crowds at airports

Prioritizing health

Many people are hesitant about flying because they have concerns about being exposed to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses and viruses. This begins with the airport terminal itself, where most travelers will be exposed to hundreds of other people before they even board their plane. Keep your loved ones safe by chartering a private flight, which eliminates this unnecessary exposure through a private security screening process.

Fewer restrictions

For your own safety and the safety of others, there are certain items that are not allowed on airplanes, regardless of whether you’re flying commercially or privately. However, flying private means more flexibility in the security screening process, allowing you more freedom to what you can bring on board. One example is the liquids restriction that commercial passengers face. They must have their liquids separated from their carry-on bags in a small, clear plastic bag. Containers for liquids can’t exceed three ounces, except in special circumstances, which can be extremely inconvenient. There is also the inconvenient requirement of removing shoes for the security screenings. With private security screenings being much quicker and more relaxed, you don’t have to worry about these things when you fly private. 

A better experience overall

Flying commercially means you are being screened with hundreds of other strangers nearby. Onlookers can witness TSA going through your personal carry-on belongings, as well as any additional screenings that may be required, which can feel intrusive. Charter flight passengers experience a much less invasive security screening process; they are usually only screened with the people they are traveling with. If you’re traveling alone, you’ll be the only one screened prior to boarding.

Do you go through security when you fly private?

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