Part 3: Celebrity Private Jets.

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The convenience of flying private is without question. Private jets are especially common among celebrities, CEO’s, and the movers and shakers in corporate America. Below are 5 celebrities and the jets they have chosen to make their home in the sky.

11. Steve Wynn Steve Wynn

An American business magnate who owns renowned Las Vegas resorts such as “The Bellagio”, “The Wynn”, and “The Mirage” to name a few. Wynn has recently purchased a Gulfstream G650 to transport his highest rollers to the casino floor.

12. Jackie Chan Jackie Chan

This movie mogul kicks around in the skies in an Embraer Legacy 650.
Seating up to a comfortable 13 people, the spacious Legacy is a perfect fit for this martial arts master.

13. Celine Dion Celine Dion

Celine take flight in a classy Bombardier Global Express Jet. Some versions of the Global Express are capable of traveling up to 16 hours without refueling. Owning this aircraft allows her to travel from a sold out show in Germany to her home in Canada in one shot.

14. Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie

Angelina takes to the skies in a Cirrus SR22 Light-weight Prop Jet. Seating only 3 people, its perfect for intimate getaways. Best of all, she flies it herself!

15. Jerry Jones Jerry Jones

The Dallas Cowboys owner chooses to opt out from the teams charter airline and flies in his own private Gulfstream G550, allowing him to touchdown from game to game at nearly Mach 1.

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