International Charter Flight Costs

International charter flight costs

Planning an international trip can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to planning the flights. Chartering a private flight for an upcoming international trip can be an investment worth making if you’re looking for a stress-free experience. Whether you’re traveling for business, a special occasion, or just a well-deserved vacation, you’ll have several options when it comes to transportation. If you are considering flying private, you’ll also have different options when making your flight arrangements. Naturally, many people in the planning stages are curious about international charter flight costs; these can vary depending on the option you ultimately decide to go with.

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Pre-Boarding Advantages Of International Flight Charters For You & Your Family To Enjoy

Commercial airlines typically require passengers to arrive early for their flights, which can be up to three hours before the scheduled boarding time. Flexible scheduling is offers you the ability to choose the exact departure time. Although everyone is required to go through customs when traveling internationally, the process is much more simplified for those flying private; in fact, the entire check-in process, in general, is an entirely different experience that is much faster and gives travelers the opportunity to maximize their time. If you’re traveling on a private flight, even if you are traveling internationally, arriving at the airport several hours prior to take-off is unnecessary. In fact, you just need to give yourself enough time to check in and go through an expedited screening process, and then you’re free to board your private aircraft. Most people arrive with just a half-hour (or less) to spare at their destination.

Factors That Determine International Charter Flight Costs Overseas During Your Trip

Private flight costs are usually charged on an hourly basis. Unless you are traveling to a neighboring country, it is likely you will be in the air for several hours, at a minimum. Additionally, if you are traveling a far distance for an international trip, you will likely need a bigger airplane that can handle the distance. 

First, let’s take the size of the aircraft into consideration. The cost to charter a private plane will vary from $1,000 to $3,000 an hour for smaller aircraft, on average. Bigger airplanes and jets have an hourly rate that is upwards of $10,000. You also have access to smaller airports which the commercial planes do not have access to, saving you even more time. Their is potential for customization, personalized services such as catering. Though these services sometimes can cost a lot we do provide the best service we can.

Now, we’ll consider flight time when it comes to international flights. Let’s say, for example, you are flying one way for five hours on an international flight. If you are chartering a larger plane at $10,000 an hour, it will cost approximately $50,000 for a private jet to an international destination. At a first glance, this can seem like a high number. However, if you are splitting the cost with a large group, the cost becomes minimal. Keep in mind that the larger airplanes that are designed for long distances can also accommodate much larger groups. Additionally, flying first class internationally can sometimes cost tens of thousands, depending on the level of service and the specific airline. Passengers who are already used to flying first class for international flights are often pleasantly surprised to discover how attainable flying private can be.

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Direct International Flights That Accommodate You On Your Vacation

Depending on where you’re flying from and your destination, a direct flight may not be possible. Flight connections can make an already long international trip even longer, but with a charter flight, you can avoid these hassles. This is just one of the many ways that chartering a private flight for your international trip can improve your flying experience and help you to save time. The National Geoprahic channel, and Lonely Planet both have destination options on where you can fly to.

Arriving Rested And Ready To Start Your Trip

International flights tend to be lengthy, because they can easily wreak havoc on someone’s sleep schedule, especially when you factor in timezone changes. Lessen the effects of jetlag by ensuring a restful and relaxing experience on your upcoming international flight. Most commercial flights, even in first and business class, don’t offer proper accommodations for sleeping compared to what can be available for you on a private flight. From comfortable sleeping solutions to entertainment options and all the privacy you want, you can ensure that even a long, international flight is a relaxing and enjoyable one. 

When you arrive rested and ready to start your trip, you can maximize the time you have while you’re on your business trip or vacation. You’ll feel ready to jump into your plans the moment you step off the plane, even if your itinerary just includes more relaxation. Travelers on commercial flights often need at least a couple of days to recover from their travels and adjust to the new timezone they’re in, and then deal with this same readjustment period when they get back home. With a private flight, you can ensure that your international trip back home is equally as relaxing, enabling you to return to your normal routine as soon as possible. 

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Charter Your International Flight Today

If you have an international trip coming up, ensure that your trip goes smoothly by chartering your private flight. From the aircraft you prefer to the schedule and route that’s most convenient to you, we are available to create the perfect charter flight itinerary. We can also answer questions you may have about international charter flight costs, as well as provide you with a quote for your upcoming trip. Contact us today!

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