Overlooked perks of private air travel

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If you love traveling, the airport may be one of your favorite places because it signals the beginning of an adventure. However, it may also be one of your least favorite places due to the delays, lines, and endless inconveniences. It may be time for you to consider the many advantages of private air travel.


Private air travel is a luxury, providing comforts and conveniences that commercial travel simply cannot compete with, but it is also more than that. Chartering a flight puts you in control in ways that you may not have previously considered. With your own private flight, you are able to dictate the precise time and place of your departure. Would you like to avoid the busy hubs? No problem. A private flight can take off from a smaller, local airport, enabling you to avoid hours of security, waiting, and irritations.

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Your charter flight will be much more comfortable while in the air as well. Since you will not be crammed into a small space, you can spread out. Choose to relax and recharge before vacation activities or use the time to get some work done, leaving your vacation for pure leisure. On-board amenities will make it possible for you to participate in meetings or phone calls, or lie back comfortably to get some shuteye.


Depending on the size of your travel party, you may be surprised at how well the cost of private flights compares to commercial business class travel. Get more for you money, and travel with only those in your party when you charter your own flight.

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Just imagine: No layovers, no strangers seated way too close, and no limits. Avoid the risk of lost baggage and canceled flights. Take control of your travel and begin enjoying your trip the moment you leave with private air travel.  The only question left is: where to next? With a private aircraft charter through Luxury Aircraft Solutions, even the sky isn’t the limit. Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today to learn more about chartering your private flight.

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