Luxurious Amenities Exclusive to Private Flights

The luxurious amenities exclusive to the interior of private planes cannot be compared to the cramped quarters and lackluster food of commercial flights. Many amenities are exclusive to private aviation. First-class service, gourmet meals, full bathrooms, spacious sleeping areas, and technology for business meetings all make flying private the best way to travel, whether for vacation, business, or any other trip you may have planned.

Lavish spaces

There is no cramped seating or lack of legroom on private flights. Everything is meant to feel spacious, comfortable, and luxurious. With over-stuffed sofas and reclining seats, you can feel entirely at home. Some bigger private airplanes have separate areas to make the plane feel more like a functional, livable space. You may have a separate area for relaxing and enjoying the flight, another area for dining, separate seating space for enjoying a movie, and even a comfortable sleeping area for those longer flights.

Expansive lavatories with in-flight showers

Anyone who has flown commercial before and experienced an airplane bathroom knows that they are far from expansive and comfortable. The planes you charter for a private flight have lavatories that are the complete opposite of the cramped quarters in commercial airplanes. Full bathrooms on luxury aircraft are spacious, and can even give travelers the ability to shower during the flight. 

One thing you often won’t find on a commercial flight is the ability to take a shower. If you travel often, you know that it can make you truly appreciate a long, hot shower after a lengthy trip. When flying private, many aircraft often include full showers available at any time, so whether you are looking for an early morning shower to wake you up or a late-night shower to relax before going to sleep, flying private often provides that opportunity. 

In-flight dining on private jets

Gourmet meals 

Commercial flights are not known for providing fresh, quality meals onboard. You often get stuck with prepared meals and snacks that are not exactly chef quality. That is never an issue on private flights. A perk of flying private is having gourmet meals prepared by fantastic chefs, day or night. With full dinners, breakfast buffets, and the ability to meet dietary restrictions, preferences, and requests of any kind, you can always be eating five-star quality food while in the air. 

Whether flying with kids, business colleagues, or significant others, flying private means a meal or snack while in-flight is an experience and a pleasure. It is not just a bag of peanuts or pretzels, a poor-quality packaged meal of rubbery eggs, or not-so-fresh salad. You can even enjoy your favorite restaurants by having meals prepared and catered for your flight. That means your favorite pizza, pasta or sushi can be available for your flight, if you prefer.

Spacious sleeping areas and dedicated bedrooms

One significant perk of the private flight interior is the comfort level. Full beds may be available to those who fly first or business class on a commercial flight, but it still is not even close to what you can find when flying private.

On a private jet, you have plenty of room to stretch out your legs and get a quick catnap in. If you are looking to get an entire night’s sleep in, you are in luck there, too. On larger private jets, you can many times find dedicated bedrooms. These can include traditional king-size beds and master suites just like you would find at a luxury hotel or in your home. With large beds and luxury bedding that rivals the best hotels, you don’t have to worry about landing from your flight feeling exhausted. You will be completely rested and fresh after a good night’s sleep.

Meeting rooms and technology

Flying private isn’t always for pleasure. Many times you are flying for business, and that means business meetings. You may have Wi-Fi access on a commercial flight, but you don’t have the privacy and amenities you need to host an entire conference or close a business deal. A private charter jet can have meeting rooms set up like those that you would find in a corporate business, complete with leather office chairs, conference tables, and other amenities.

The technology available on private flights can rival what you find in even the most updated conference rooms. With wide-screen televisions, surround sound, DVD and Blu-ray players, wireless technologies, and ambient lighting, you can make every meeting a productive one. Whether you need to make presentations to a group on a large screen or conduct virtual meetings via Zoom, the technology available on private flights means that flight time can be valuable work hours. You can land at your destination knowing you got a lot accomplished while you were in the sky. 

Private jet benefits

Charter a private flight today

There is no comparison when it comes to flying private versus commercial. When private flight amenities and comfort are what you are looking for, then a chartered private jet is sure to make all of your future trips productive, relaxing, enjoyable, and first-class.  Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today to charter your private flight and to learn more about our Jet Membership program.

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