Tips for Picking the Right Plane For Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate charter flights

Are you looking to learn more about corporate charter flights? Corporate events can be the perfect opportunity for team members to collaborate and grow. They are becoming more popular to promote a spirit of solidarity between employees and employers. Getting your entire team involved not only allows you to stay in contact with a community of experts, but also allows you to expand your organization.

The process of planning corporate events has evolved, and it has contributed to the discovery of new approaches for businesses and employees to promote productivity. Coordinating staff meetings and transportation of employees at several locations can be a challenge for some companies. If you’re looking for the ideal transportation solution for your next corporate event, look no further than corporate charter flights. This is the safest, most accommodating, convenient, and luxurious way for your employees to travel.

The benefits of corporate charter flights

These days, horrifying stories about commercial airlines tend to make headlines frequently. Public outcry has erupted in response to increased TSA screening, health concerns, poor service, newer rules that limit the onboard experience, and strict security measures.

Business travelers often find that with corporate charter flights, these concerns completely disappear, and corporate charter flights significantly save time, too. Depending on how many people are flying for your next corporate event, chartering a corporate flight can also be a cost-effective option. Overall, corporate charter flights enable travelers to maximize every minute of their business trip and increase productivity.

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Choosing the right plane for your next corporate event

Very light jets

In addition to being the most economical, these types of planes also require the least amount of maintenance. There is plenty of space for cargo to be transported on these planes, which typically seat up to seven passengers. They are ideal for firms with a limited budget or those that have meetings outside of the company’s headquarters. These cost-effective private planes are the best choice for those who are traveling in small groups, and for flights less than three hours.

Super light jets

Super light aircraft are larger, have a longer range, and provide more convenience for travelers than regular light aircraft. Super light aircraft can carry an average of eight people in luxury due to their larger cabin and baggage storage. They are mid-range planes that provide assured comfort for businesses traveling for their next corporate event.

Mid-size cabin jets

For organizations that prefer a larger flying space, mid-size private jets are the best option. With a capacity of about five hours of non-stop flight, these types of planes are capable of intercontinental flights.  They are suitable for those who would like extra headroom, complete walking ability, and greater cargo capacity due to their larger cabins. Mid-size aircraft also have more sophisticated cabins and can accommodate five to ten people in maximum safety and ease. Due to added technology options and connectivity, such as WiFi capability, mid-size planes are also ideal for businesses that want to get work done while flying.

Super mid-size cabin jets

Super mid-size passenger aircraft include more passenger room and increased flight capacity. These aircraft can take off and land at any airport. These planes can accommodate up to nine passengers, while some of the bigger models may accommodate up to twelve. These planes can travel for up to seven hours and 3,500 miles, making them a perfect choice for international corporate events, such as exotic retreats or conferences. Super mid-size aircraft provide plenty of room for walking, as well as separate bathroom and service areas. These aircraft provide a better degree of convenience for passengers while offering more power, thanks to improved systems that enable smoother flying.

Heavy jets

Heavy aircraft are the most luxurious and largest option of all. These corporate jet flights allow 10 people or more in a high degree of luxury and refinement, thanks to their much bigger cabin accommodations. Standard heavy aircraft have adequate capacity for two cabin hostesses to provide top-notch service to passengers throughout the flight, while still providing plenty of area for enjoyment and designated sleeping spaces. With accessible Wi-Fi and cellular connections, in-flight efficiency is assured.

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Experienced in group charter flights

At Luxury Aircraft Solutions, we have extensive experience in arranging group charter flights, ranging from large corporations to small businesses. To ensure your next corporate trip goes as smoothly as possible, entrust a broker that knows how to provide you and your team with the aircraft that works best for everyone.

Corporate jet flights

Charter a corporate jet flight for your next event

Are you planning your next corporate event? From small planes to jumbo jets and everything in between, Luxury Aircraft Solutions has the right aircraft to meet your team’s needs. Depending on the size of your team, the distance you’re traveling, budget, and other preferences, we can help you select the perfect aircraft to charter for your next corporate event. Contact us today to learn more about the specific planes available in each category. We are confident we can arrange the ideal trip for you and your team!