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On Saturday, May 2nd, 2015, the Kentucky Derby will take place for the 141st time in history. As the capstone event of the two-week Kentucky Derby Festival, this “fastest two minutes in sports” has enraptured racing fans and horse lovers for generations. As the first leg in the Triple Crown, winners of the Kentucky Derby become favorites in the competition. The race is held at the Churchill Downs track, where several traditions are observed each year. The competitive nature of the event attracts some of the best horse racing in the world every year. Because of how fierce the competition is, having the best Pick 7 horse racing tips is important if you want to put some bets on what is going to happen at the Kentucky Derby any year.

As with any event, food and drink take center stage. The trademark Mint Julep is enjoyed by all, served up in a frosty mug garnished with mint leaves. Burgoo is the traditional dish, made up of thick broth, meat, and vegetables. If you attend the Kentucky Derby, a Mint Julep in a souvenir cup should top your to-do list.

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Besides the 1 ¼ mile race, there are many exciting events to participate in during a Kentucky Derby day. Auctions, gambling, concerts, and fine dining opportunities make the day festive and fun. Those not fortunate enough to be there in person may still be able to bet on the races, as well as many other sports events, using something like Indiana sportsbooks online. For a five-star Kentucky Derby experience, take advantage of the partnership with Fillies & Lilies, where you can combine race day with luxurious lodgings and celebrity performances.

Louisville offers some excellent accommodations, and other entertainment in addition to the Kentucky Derby. Stay at the 21c Museum Hotel or the historic Brown Hotel for lodgings so comfortable, you may simply decide to sit back and relax for a few days. You will want to step out long enough to enjoy gourmet cuisine at English Grill or Jeff Ruby’s steakhouse. You can also visit the Kentucky Derby Museum and immerse yourself in the history of this exciting event.


Horses, parties, bluegrass, and bourbon. There is something for everyone in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. This 141-year-old event shows no signs of getting old!

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