Empty leg flights and how they make private jet charter affordable


If you always dreamt of traveling by private charter plane, but didn’t think it was feasible, you need to learn more about empty leg flights.

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What are empty leg flights?

When a private plane is booked, it is typically chartered for a one-way flight. That means that the plane needs to fly back empty, hence the term “empty leg.” You can use these otherwise unprofitable flights to your advantage.

You don’t need to be rich to fly comfortably and privately in a luxurious charter plane. When you compare the cost of empty leg flights to commercial business class, you may be surprised to see just how affordable private flying can be. If you are traveling with a group, this can be an especially affordable option by splitting the cost of the chartered plane.

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Avoid the rush

Imagine flying without rushing through the airport early in the morning, only to hurry up and wait at the gate. You could settle into plush seats with room to move, instead of being pressed up against the stranger seated next to you. If you think that luxurious, private jets are only for celebrities, think again.

By monitoring empty leg deals offered by Luxury Aircraft Solutions, you can avoid the headache at the airport, discomfort in the air, and know that your belongings are secure.


Benefits for last-minute travelers

If you are flexible with your travel dates or attempting to book at the last minute, checking for empty leg flights may be well worth your time. Booking an empty leg flight could save you 20-75% of the regular price of a private charter flight.


Book an empty leg flight with Luxury Aircraft Solutions

Would you like to know about upcoming empty leg flights that are available to book through Luxury Aircraft Solutions? Whether you have a particular destination in mind or you’re open to just about anything, we may have an empty leg flight available from an airport near you. Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today to inquire about availability.

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