Aircraft of the Month- First Class / Business Class vs. Gulfstream IV Private Jet

gulfstream12 Passengers First class or Business New York to Paris

Many of us have never looked into chartering a private aircraft based on the belief that the cost will far exceed a typical commercial flight. In the past, this may have been the case, but our recent study proves otherwise.

Here is an example of how many multinational organizations search for their travel requirements. If your group of 12 passengers looks into a European business trip and are traveling from New York (JFK) to Paris (CDG) each ticket in business class costs around $7,345.00 per passenger USD. The airfare alone would be $88,140.00 USD not including baggage fee’s, food and drink in the lounge, or even tipping the sky cap for tagging your baggage.

If your group prefers flying first class, each ticket takes a healthy jump to $10,524.00 USD. In total, your group’s cost will be $126,288.00 USD for a one way first class flight. During the flight; a lack of privacy, you cannot speak openly to your team about the task on hand or the business that will be performed overseas.

So what is another option? Private Jet

Let’s take a look at the Gulfstream IV private jet. This aircraft is a Heavy Jet that seats 12 passengers comfortably with personal catering and of course no extra baggage fees. Did we mention a personal flight attendant? With the privacy and convenience offered, reviewing a business proposal, prepping for a final meeting, or simply arriving rested, relaxed and confident is a breeze.

The cost saving over first and business class is significant; Just recently, Luxury Aircraft performed this trip on a Gulfstream IV for $52,235.00 USD fully inclusive.

That’s $4,353.00 per passenger

Why fly first class? You’re probably as surprised as many of our clients, but yes it’s a fact; in some cases it is cheaper to enjoy all of the benefits of flying private.

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