Two Reasons Why A Private Charter Actually May Be More Cost Effective Than A Commercial Flight.

The main reason why people are reluctant to explore the option of chartering their own plane is the belief that it is not cost effective.

However, would it shock you to know that there are some instances in which chartering your own plane can actually save you money?

1. Group Trips: If you plan on flying from New York To Florida with a group of friends or business colleagues, you might find that flying first class can cost at least $8000-$10,000 by the time you pay for your seat on the plane, parking, baggage, and food.

Check with our specialists to find out about empty leg flights or charter discounts that may prove a more cost effective alternative.

2. Frequent Trips: If you travel frequently, then an investment in a private charter might be a cost effective alternative. If you travel commercially, that means you spend a lot of time waiting at security, checking baggage, and taxiing on the runway. Not to mention unforeseen delays and cancellations. However, If you fly more efficiently, then you may not have to fly as much.

For example, if you have to make stops to Chicago, Boston, and New York in a given week, you may find yourself spending most of your time at the airport waiting for connecting flights, with not a lot of opportunity to get your work done. However if you embark on that same trip with your own plane, not only will the total time spent traveling be significantly reduced, but you will also be able to use more of that time getting work done. That could make the difference in closing the deal!

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