The Safest Airplanes for Private Charter

Safest airplanes to charter

When it comes to flying, you can be assured that your safety is of the utmost importance. There is a lot that goes into ensuring safety for everyone on board, including proper communication between pilots and air traffic control, adequate aircraft maintenance, and sufficient pilot training. You can always take comfort in knowing that you’re in good hands. 

Statistically, flying remains the safest way to travel compared to any other mode of transportation. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong when you charter any of the planes available in our fleet. We only offer aircraft for charter that have adhered to rigorous safety requirements. However, many people do often wonder which aircraft are considered the safest, and understandably so. If you’re looking to charter a plane with one of the best safety records out there, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, including:

Private jet safety


When it comes to commercial aircraft, Boeing often comes to mind, and there is a reason for that: due to their remarkable safety record, they are one of the most widely used aircraft around. Although commercial airlines frequently use Boeing for transporting large groups of travelers, they are still available for private charter as well. Whether you are traveling with your own large group, flying a long distance, or you simply want the extra space, chartering a private Boeing jet for your upcoming trip can offer comfort, luxury, and safety. Specifically, the Boeing 767, Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 800, and Boeing 900 have all maintained excellent safety records. Each of these models have varying limitations as far as passenger capacity and distance capabilities, and if you are unsure of which model is best for your chartered flight, we’re happy to go over the different options with you.


Airbus is right up there with Boeing in the ranks when it comes to the safest jets around, as well as being one of the most widely used amongst commercial airlines. In particular, the Airbus A330 and the Airbus 320 family, which includes the A318, A319, and A321, are some of the most exceptional jumbo jets available, especially in the terms of safety. Any looking for a top-notch private jet choice on a long journey will appreciate the impeccable safety reputation that each of these Airbus models has maintained. 

Cessna Citation

The Cessna Citation aircraft series are all considered to be top choices in many categories, including aircraft safety. Various planes from the Cessna Citation series include the CJ, CJ1/CJ1+, CJ2/CJ2+, CJ3, CJ4, M2, Mustang, Citation I, Citation II/S/SP, Bravo, Citation, Encore/Encore+, and the  V/Ultra. The sleek designs offer the perfect solution for travelers looking to charter a plane that’s much smaller than a jumbo jet, yet still spacious enough to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience. With a seal of approval from the AIOA Air Safety Institute, travelers can charter a Cessna Citation for their upcoming flight with complete peace of mind. 

Embraer E170 And E190 

Although not as big as the jumbo jets that Boeing and Airbus offer, the Embraer E170 and E190 models still offer substantial room for the private flyer. They also have an impeccable safety record, so travelers chartering an Embraer E170 or an Embraer E190 can fly with ease.  These aircraft feature four-abreast seating with double-bubble designs, as well as turbofan engines that reduce noise. This reduction in noise also offers more versatility in airport selections, as it allows travelers to land and take off in airports that enforce strict noise regulations. 

Aircraft safety

Other aircraft makes and models with high safety ratings

Aircraft safety ratings tend to change, but Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and Cessna are frequently topping the lists in terms of safety. Other aircraft that follow very closely behind include ATR, Bombardier, and Concorde aircraft.

These are just some of the many aircraft makes and models that have ranked high in terms of safety. However, just because a particular aircraft has not been mentioned, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also have a superb safety record. 

The safety of flying in general

IATA points out just how safe flying is in general with reassuring statistics and data. For instance, more than 126,000 flights take off and land safely each and every day! Although some people may prefer one type of aircraft over another due to its safety reputation, you can take comfort in knowing that whenever you choose to fly, you are automatically choosing a mode of transportation that is safer than any other mode of transportation.

Which airplane is the safest?

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