Round-trip private flight from Yuma International Airport (YUM) to San Diego International Airport (SAN)


Flying from Yuma, Arizona: Yuma International Airport (YUM)

Flying to San Diego, California: San Diego International Airport (SAN)

Average flying time: 48 minutes

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get from Yuma International Airport to San Diego International Airport, a private flight is the perfect solution. With a round-trip flight, you can avoid the hassle of commercial travel and get to your destination in style. Contact us today to learn more and for more information on our Jet Membership program!

About Yuma International Airport – Yuma, Arizona (YUM)

2191 E 32nd St #218
Yuma, AZ 85365

Yuma, Arizona is located in the southwestern corner of the state. It is bordered by California to the west and Mexico to the south. The city has a population of about 97,000 people. Yuma is a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the desert landscape. The city has many parks and recreation areas. There are also several golf courses in the area.

About San Diego International Airport – San Diego, California (SAN)


3225 N Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101

San Diego is a beautiful city located on the coast of Southern California. It is known for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and vibrant culture. San Diego is also home to a large military presence, as it is the site of several major military bases. San Diego is a major tourist destination, and its airport is the busiest in California. The city is also home to several major universities, including the University of California and San Diego State University.

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