Private charter flight from White Plains, NY (HPN) to T. F. Green Airport (PVD)

Flying from White Plains, New York: Westchester County Airport (HPN)

Flying to Warwick, Rhode Island: T.F. Green Airport (PVD)

Average flying time: 45 minutes

Are you planning on visiting Rhode Island from White Plains, New York? Don’t waste time by driving and sitting in traffic. Instead, imagine the convenience of hopping on the private aircraft of your choice and arriving in Warwick, Rhode Island in just 45 short minutes. If Providence is your final destination, it is just a short drive away from T.F. Green Airport. In addition to private flights, Luxury Aircraft Solutions also provides ground transportation services, so we can ensure your trip is seamless and simple from start to finish.

About Westchester County Airport – White Plains, NY (HPN)

240 Airport Rd
White Plains, NY 10604

Those living in Westchester County, or traveling to the area, likely find that Westchester County Airport is their closest airport option. However, commercial flights are limited to select routes. In order to avoid flight connections and other travel delays, chartering a private flight to and from Westchester County Airport is the best way to maximize your time, and this is only one of the many benefits of chartering a private flight.

About T. F. Green Airport – Warwick, Rhode Island (PVD)


2000 Post Rd
Warwick, RI 02886

T.F. Green Airport was initially known as Hillsgrove State Airport when it was first dedicated in 1931. A new terminal was built just a couple years later, and it was eventually renamed in 1938 to T.F. Green Airport. The airport was renamed in order to honor the state’s senator at the time. The airport has an interesting history over the years and has served a significant number of flights and famous passengers, including President Richard Nixon in 1972 when he arrived at the airport in Air Force One.

Are you traveling to Warick or Providence, Rhode Island from the Westchester area of New York?  Contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today to charter your private flight.