Jet Card FAQ

Our Jet Cards give you ownership perks without the financial commitment of owning an airplane. We are so confident we have the best Jet Card Program available that your unused time is fully refundable if you’re not 100% satisfied. NO deadlines, NO expiring hours. Jet Cards provide access to a specific category of aircraft and are sold in denominations of flight time (e.g., 25 hours) or dollars (e.g., $100,000); Our cards allow you access to all categories of aircraft without purchasing multiple cards. Please see our FAQ below and contact us for further information.

Hourly cards are preferred by our travelers who want a consistent rate and like to keep tabs on available flight time. Our Jet Card program is the preferred program for those using multiple aircraft categories, who value flexibility. Don’t spend your funds on a redundant membership fee that provides little benefit.

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They are debit cards you purchase, which are available in denominations of flight time (e.g. 10 hours) or dollar value per hour (e.g. $50,000). Jet Cards mimic fractional ownership programs. They feature one-way pricing, guaranteed access, and concierge service. There are never any round-trip or repositioning charges.
Flight time hourly cards generally best suit travelers who use one category of aircraft and like to keep tabs on their available flight time. Dollar-value cards make more sense for those who desire access to a whole fleet, where hourly rates vary with aircraft category.
No. There are many differences among available Jet Card providers. Consider the impact of these differences in the context of your flying patterns. Other programs have rigid replenishment policies and strict expiration rules. Ours allow incremental purchases of flight time, which is great if you need just a few additional hours before the card expires, while other programs require purchase of a new full-value card. Also, many jet cards have a finite life – typically one or two years – after which unused hours or dollars evaporate. Luxury Aircraft’s Jet Cards don’t expire.
Jet Cards can supplement a fractional share or reliance on charter by providing access to alternate aircraft or a guaranteed flight in times of peak demand. They can also be used to keep personal travel expenses separate from corporate ones.