Hurricane Dorian evacuation: Charter a private flight out of Florida

Hurricane Dorian is currently strengthening in the Atlantic and expected to make landfall somewhere in Florida over Labor Day Weekend. The potentially catastrophic storm is currently a category 2 as of the latest Friday morning advisory. Once it makes landfall in Florida, it is expected to hit a a category 3 or 4 storm, which will make Hurricane Dorian a major storm.

With over 21 million people living in Florida and millions visiting the Sunshine State annually, it is undoubtedly a chaotic situation as many people scramble to make last-minute hurricane evacuation plans. After all, there is no telling with absolute accuracy where a storm of this magnitude will make landfall. Despite where the center of the storm makes landfall, residents and visitor alike should remember that because of the size of the storm, hurricane and tropical storm-force winds can extend a great distance and affect many other neighboring cities. As such, it is important to take proper precautions, prepare accordingly, and always adhere to evacuation orders.

During a hurricane evacuation, travel plans can quickly go awry. Florida is a large state, so for those planning to drive out of the state to get away from the storm will likely encounter a lot of traffic, as they have routinely seen with past storms. Many gas stations also reporting that they are low (or out) of gas, and not to mention, the lines to fuel up are also significantly long. This makes driving as part of your evacuation plans a bit challenging.

Flying commercially may be challenging, too. With so many people making changes to their travel plans, finding flights out of Florida may be difficult, especially as the storm gets closer. You’ll likely deal with delays, cancelations, crowded airports and limited options.

The best way to evacuate Florida before Hurricane Dorian hits is by chartering a private flight. When you charter a private flight, you can pick your departing and arriving airports. Contact us right away if you’re looking to evacuate and would like to discuss your options!

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