Fly private to Monterey Regional Airport (MRY) from Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport (ADQ)

Flying from Kodiak, Alaska: Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport (ADQ)

Flying to Monterey, California: Monterey Regional Airport (MRY)

Average flying time:  4 hours, 33 minutes

If you live in Kodiak, Alaska and you’re looking to escape the cold for a warm and coastal destination, look no further than sunny California. Monterey, in particular, is a popular destination year-round that offers something for everyone. Start your vacation off the right way by chartering a private flight direct from Kodiak, Alaska to Monterey, California.

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About Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport – Kodiak, AK (ADQ)


1427 Airport Way
Kodiak, AK 99615


Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport is located on a remote island in Alaska, making it easiest to access by chartering a private flight. This is especially important if you are traveling outside of the state of Alaska; flying on local commercial airlines will likely require multiple flight changes due to Kodiak’s remote location. Simplify your travel plans by chartering a private flight to or from Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport.

About Monterey Regional Airport – Monterey, California (MRY)


200 Fred Kane Dr
Monterey, CA 93940


Monterey Regional Airport spans an area of almost 500 acres and provides a convenient airport choice for those traveling to and from Monterey, being that it is located just three miles southeast from Monterey. It’s also a popular airport choice for other nearby attractions, such as Big Sur. Commercial flight options are extremely limited to and from this particular airport, making private flights the optimal choice when flying in and out of Monterey Regional Airport.

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