Round-trip flight charter to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)(EHAM)

Are you heading to Europe for a vacation or for a business trip? Whether your trip begins or ends in the Netherlands, you’ll have several options as far as airports go. One option, if you’re traveling through Amsterdam, is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Because this airport is one of the busiest in the region—the third busiest in Europe, in fact—chartering a private flight can be the easiest way to avoid crowds, possible travel delays, and other potential pitfalls.

About Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) (EHAM)

Initially beginning operations in 1916, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was originally a military base. It was destroyed in a bombing, but was rebuilt quickly. In 1949, it was designated as the main airport of the Netherlands. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer in North Holland, just 5.6 miles southwest of Amsterdam.

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Evert van de Beekstraat 202
1118 CP
Schiphol, Netherlands

Average number of passengers served annually


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Number of runways


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Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam
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Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel

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Restaurant La Rive
Ciel Bleu Restaurant
Restaurant Zaza’s

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Top attractions in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Charter a round-trip private flight Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) (EHAM)

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