Charter a private flight from Elmira Corning Regional Airport (ELM) to Walla Walla Regional Airport (ALW)

Departing from Horseheads, New York: Elmira Corning Regional Airport (ELM)

Flying to Walla Walla, Washington: Walla Walla Regional Airport (ALW)

Average flying time: 4 hours, 36 minutes

About Elmira Corning Regional Airport – Horseheads, NY (ELM)


276 Sing Sing Rd #1
Horseheads, NY 14845

Elmira Corning Regional Airport is a great option for those looking to fly into or out of the area. The airport offers both domestic and international flights, making it a convenient choice for travelers. Additionally, the airport is located just minutes from downtown Elmira, making it easy to get to your final destination. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, the Elmira Corning Regional Airport is sure to make your travel experience a smooth one.

Since Elmira Corning Regional Airport’s opening in 1928, it has been a key part of the regional economy and transportation system. ECRA has played a vital role in connecting the Southern Tier with the rest of the world, and its history is filled with many interesting stories and moments.

About Walla Walla Regional Airport – Walla Walla, Washington (ALW)


45 Terminal Loop
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Walla Walla Regional Airport is the public airport serving the city of Walla Walla, Washington. It is located two miles southwest of downtown. The airport offers scheduled commercial flights and general aviation services. Walla Walla Regional Airport was first established in 1927, making it one of the oldest airports in Washington State. The airport has a rich history, having served as a training ground for World War II pilots and as a base for Air Force One during President Reagan’s visit to the area in 1984. Today, the airport is a vital part of the Walla Walla community, offering commercial and private flights to destinations around the country. 

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