Charter a flight from Van Nuys Airport (VNY) to Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (ASE)

Flying from Los Angeles, California: Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Flying to Aspen, Colorado: Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (ASE)

Average flying time: 1 hour, 58 minutes

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About Van Nuys Airport – Van Nuys, CA (VNY)

16461 Sherman Way
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis located in Southern California, renowned for its diverse cultural tapestry, iconic landmarks, and the entertainment industry. As the second-most populous city in the United States, LA is a global hub for the entertainment industry, home to Hollywood. The iconic Hollywood Sign perched on the hills overlooking the city is a symbol of the entertainment capital of the world. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Los Angeles boasts a diverse culinary scene, world-class museums, and a Mediterranean climate that attracts residents and visitors alike. From the trendy boutiques of Rodeo Drive to the vibrant street art of the Arts District, Los Angeles encapsulates a dynamic spirit that embraces innovation and creativity. Whether exploring the historic architecture of Downtown LA or hiking in the scenic hills surrounding the city, Los Angeles offers a multifaceted experience.

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport – Aspen, Colorado (ASE)

233 Airport Rd
Aspen, CO 81611

Renowned for its glamorous ski resorts, Aspen attracts visitors and residents alike with its powdery slopes and unparalleled winter sports experiences. The town is home to four major ski areas – Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass – collectively offering diverse terrain for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Beyond the winter wonderland, Aspen transforms into a haven for outdoor enthusiasts during the warmer months, offering hiking and mountain biking trails that reveal stunning alpine landscapes. Despite its reputation as a winter paradise, Aspen thrives year-round, with a cultural scene as vibrant as its natural surroundings. This idyllic mountain town seamlessly combines the allure of high-end amenities, world-class dining, and a genuine appreciation for the great outdoors, making it a destination that captures the hearts of those seeking both adventure and refinement.

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