Simplify travel with pets with a chartered flight

Private Jet Small Dog

For many of us, our pets are part of the family. We want the best for them. We spend time reading reviews on how to care for them in the best way. From a review of the kong dog bed or a review on the most modern gadgets like a doggy camera, we always have them in the forefront of our minds. When traveling for business or pleasure, there’s always the concern over what to do with our furry friends. Should we travel with them or leave them at home? We spend so much time ensuring our pets have the best toys, food, and live the best life possible, why wouldn’t we want to take our pets with us?

Traveling with them on a commercial flight can be a bit of a nightmare. Not only are there excessive fees to worry about, but then there’s the stress over the pet’s wellbeing throughout the journey. Getting pet insurance for either is crucial.

Depending on the airline you’re traveling on and the size of your pet, you may have no choice but to crate your pet and put him or her under the plane where all the luggage goes. With all the chaos and loud noises, one can only imagine how lonely and frightened an animal must feel while isolated in the bottom part of a jet. Not only that, but according to The Humane Society, “animals flown in the cargo area of airplanes are killed, injured, or lost on commercial flights each year. Excessively hot or cold temperatures, poor ventilation, and rough handling are often to blame.”

If your animal is smaller and permitted to come on board and sit in the cabin with you, you may still have to keep him or her in their crate at all times and stowed under the seat in front of you as if they were just a piece of baggage.

Even when a smaller pet is permitted to sit on their owner’s lap, they are often still traumatized from everything that is happening around them and the hundreds of strangers on board. Dogs that are not trained well might be especially problematic on a commercial flight and can cause a nuisance. Many find that giving their dog a dose of CBD for Pets before the flight can help them keep calm during the experience and make it a less traumatic time.

There was a recent story that made headlines about a flight that was diverted because a passenger’s dog had a couple accidents in the aisle, causing many of the passengers to become nauseated. Well, that is not only embarrassing for the pet owner, but is extremely inconvenient. Had the owners been aware of the benefits of Cannabis Oil for Your Pet, the pet may have been more relaxed and the incident may have been avoided. When traveling with pets, especially on long journeys, accidents are bound to happen. This is why it’s not only beyond stressful for both you and your pet travel together on a commercial airliner, but it’s a bit unpractical as well.

Flying with Pets

Now think about how easy it can be to travel with your beloved pet on a chartered plane. As you likely already know, chartering a flight is more than just getting from point A to point B in privacy and luxury-but it’s an experience in itself. Your needs and desired are catered to, and these same courtesies are extended to your furry companion. When you fly private, you and your pet will both be carefree.

To charter a private and pet-friendly flight, contact Luxury Aircraft Solutions today!